Released: 2023

Features: Lil Wayne

“G6” by Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz is a braggadocious track that showcases both rappers’ wealth, flow mastery, and unapologetic lifestyle choices, weaving in nuances of danger, luxury, and hedonism. Set to a bouncy beat, their verses trade on fashion, women, drugs, and money while laying out a narrative that underlines their distinct personas and hard-earned success in the rap industry.

In the opening, Lil Wayne spits bars filled with bold claims about his wealth and status, revealing his audacious persona. He acknowledges being ‘a real walkin’ lick’, suggesting he’s a walking target because he’s so rich, he ‘spent a brick on my fit’ highlighting the high price of his outfits (‘brick’ is slang for a kilogram of drugs, implying he could have bought that much with the money he used for clothes). Wayne further emphasizes his affluence and arrogance by saying he ‘looks like he wore a f****** jewelry store’ adding an edge of humor and braggadocio.

The lyrics “Sqad Up, that’s my fuckin’ skate team, nigga” references his skateboard crew, again asserting his dominance and posing a defiant challenge to any rivals who dare to cross him. When Wayne claims “Who the fuck I look like? Ed Reed, nigga?” he’s stating that he’s not playing defense or backing down, unlike famed NFL safety Ed Reed.

2 Chainz

When he quips “All those Bugle Boys you wearin’, are you stupid? These designers”, he’s mocking anyone wearing less expensive clothing, emphasising his superior fashion sense. His line “Sippin’ soup up out the styro’, drippin’ too hard for Poseidon” is a nod to his lean-sipping lifestyle (‘soup’ often refers to lean or purple drank) and his swagger (‘drip’) being so potent not even the god of the sea can handle it.

2 Chainz’s verse echoes this tone, built around his hustler ethos and unabashed hedonism. When he spits, “Baby, ask your friend what she gon’ do for this band” he’s insinuating that he’s willing to use his wealth to get what he wants. The line “Take this G6, you might wake up in Japan” presents a lavish lifestyle where one can be whisked away on a private jet on a whim. Furthermore, his line about having the city on his back needing shoulder pads adds a layer of responsibility to his braggadocio, suggesting he carries the reputation and expectations of his city.

By the time the track reaches its end, you’ve taken a ride through a world of hedonism, luxury, and bravado, painted by two of the most prominent figures in the rap game. Every line is a testament to their status, their success, and their refusal to be anyone but themselves – unapologetic, audacious, and ever-competent in their craft.