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Meaning of ‘Gang Related’ by ‘Logic’

Released: 2014

“Gang Related” by Logic is an intense dive into the realities of growing up surrounded by gang violence and the struggle to escape its grip. Logic doesn’t just rap; he paints a vivid picture of life on the streets, where every night could be your last and family ties to gang life complicate personal moral codes.

From the jump, Logic sets the scene of a world where violence is a norm, and the innocence of home life is juxtaposed with the constant threat outside the front door. Phrases like “tales from my hood, not a sight like this” and “basedheads coming through looking for the plug” pull you into the harsh realities of his upbringing. Here, “basedheads” are drug addicts, and “the plug” refers to a drug dealer, highlighting the drug crisis that plagues his community.

The track escalates as Logic introduces the listener to the dangers that lurk after dark – “livin’ life to the fullest, I got to blow” suggests embracing that perilous lifestyle because it might be all you’ve got. However, this line also carries the weight of his ambition to break free from these cycles. When he talks about “living life like this,” it’s a reflection on the desperation and fear that governs the streets. Logic’s reference to a “baby with the bib” in the middle of this chaos is a stark reminder of the innocence that gets caught in the crossfire.

As the story unfolds, Logic confronts the violence head-on, depicting a life where having to defend oneself means “Never had the heat, just a knife and the gat” – illustrating the ever-present danger and his readiness to confront it, even if it means resorting to violence. The line “Bullet to the dome like an Aleve” chillingly uses the brand name of a pain reliever as a metaphor for a gunshot being an instant but brutal relief from the pains of this life.

The song also delves into the personal toll of gang affiliation, capturing the heartache of a mother (“Just breathe, why did mama grieve”) and the dire consequences of being “gang related.” Logic doesn’t shy away from the complexities of wanting to escape while feeling unable to leave the only life you’ve known – “Got a son on the way but I cling to the streets.” This internal conflict is a central theme, reflecting the gravitational pull of gang life despite its dangers.

By the end, Logic shifts perspective to hope for a different path for the next generation, symbolized by “little Bobby.” The desire to protect loved ones from the cycle of violence is a powerful takeaway, emphasizing the song’s overall message about the impact of environment on life choices and the longing for redemption.

“Gang Related” is more than a song; it’s a harrowing insight into the realities of street life, the complexity of family ties to gangs, and the personal cost of a life entrenched in violence. Logic uses his platform to shine a light on these issues, offering a narrative that is both a cautionary tale and a call to action for understanding and change.

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