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Meaning of the song ‘Perfect’ by ‘Logic’

Released: 2020

Ready or not, we’re diving deep into “Perfect” – a powerful track by Logic that’ll send any hip-hop aficionado into a frenzy. This joint is all about Logic’s rise from rags to riches, his struggle with fame, and a firm expression of superiority over his competition.

Kicking off, Logic exclaims, “Bitch, I did it, I made it, I’m loved and I’m hated.” The player’s declaring his arrival, standing tall despite the love and hate. When he says, “I started from the bottom, now my neighborhood is gated,” he’s referencing his humble start in Maryland and his subsequent rise to celebrity status, painting a vivid picture of the trajectory of his career. This journey from the trenches to a gated community is a testament to his hustle and a staple narrative in hip-hop.

The lyric, “Feel like every other day, me and somebody new related,” he’s venting about the sudden influx of ‘relatives’ after he made it big – family members he never knew who suddenly want to claim a kinship. Ain’t that some real talk?

In the chorus, Logic goes, “All the streets with all these beats / I body beats, I’m not discreet,” which reaffirms his skill as a lyricist and his confidence in his abilities. He’s stating he dominates every beat he raps on, he ‘bodies’ them – that’s hip-hop vernacular for acing or mastering something. And when he reaffirms that he ain’t discreet, he’s stating that he’s unabashed and unapologetic about his talent and prowess.

On the lines, “You’re worthless, you have no purpose, fuckin’ imposter,” Logic is addressing the rappers in the industry who he perceives as fakes or wannabes. He ain’t holding back or sugarcoating, he’s serving them cold truth on a silver platter.

Finally, in the lines “You know I leave ’em all deceased / I am a fucking beast, I’m from the East / I keep the peace, don’t need a piece, But I keep a piece, got it capiche?” Logic is conveying his dominance. The term ‘deceased’ here is used metaphorically to suggest that he annihilates his competition. Moreover, he represents the East Coast, a pivotal region in hip-hop history. Furthermore, when he says he doesn’t need a piece (gun), but keeps a piece (musically- hinting at his flow and lyrics), he’s essentially emphasizing that his weapon of choice is his music.

And on this note, Logic proves why he ain’t just another name in the game. His lyrical skillset, storytelling ability, and unmistakable flow make him, as he himself describes, perfect.

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