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Meaning of ‘Good Love’ by ‘City Girls’ feat. USHER

Released: 2022

“Good Love” by City Girls featuring Usher is a high-powered, sultry ode to the exhilaration and liberation of sexual expression and raw, unadulterated desire. The track delivers a potent combination of Usher’s signature smooth vocals and the City Girls’ brazen, no-nonsense approach, wrapping them in an infectious beat that encourages listeners to let loose and embrace their sexual selves fully.

In the opening verses, Usher sets the scene with his iconic R&B charm, emphasising the good love he can provide, promising to take his time, ensuring satisfaction through intimate and passionate feats. When he sings “80 ways, I’ll keep you coming”, he’s referencing a level of sexual prowess, indicating a plethora of ways to keep the woman satisfied.

The City Girls then come in, unapologetically flaunting their sexuality. The lines “Pull up looking too good, Too hood, on my star shit. Showing my coochie print. Crop top, no bra, bitch” demonstrate a pride in their bodies and a refusal to conform to societal expectations of modesty. They’re in control, enjoying the attention, and indulging in their own sexual autonomy.

City Girls Good Love (feat. Usher)

“If that nigga broke, then make that ass freeze. We ain’t shaking ass for niggas with no cheese” clearly indicates the City Girls’ self-respect and unwillingness to waste time on men who lack financial stability, a frequently recurring theme in their lyrics, suggesting that they value financial security and are not interested in men who can’t provide it.

The song’s hook, sung by Usher, serves as a sensual response to the City Girls’ bold verses. His promise to “freak ya” is an intentional choice of urban slang often used in hip-hop culture to describe having sex.

Finally, towards the end of the song, the repetition of the phrase “Get freaky” encourages listeners to let loose and get in touch with their wild, primal selves. This phrase, combined with the endless repetition of “beat it up,” ignites a narrative of a night fueled by an empowering blend of sexual liberation and fun.

At the end of the day, “Good Love” is a celebration of sexual freedom and desire, told from the dual perspectives of a man ready to please and women demanding what they want in no uncertain terms. It’s an unflinching, unapologetic look at the commingling of sex, power, and satisfaction in the modern world of dating, where the only rules are the ones you set for yourself.

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