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Meaning of ‘I Already Know’ by ‘A Boogie wit da Hoodie’

Released: 2024

“I Already Know” by A Boogie wit da Hoodie delves deep into the themes of mistrust and skepticism in relationships. The track explores how past experiences and intuition lead to a sense of disillusionment towards declarations of love, emphasizing the repetition of false promises.

The hook sets the tone, with A Boogie repeating “I already know” and emphasizing that expressions of love are often “all a lie”. This reinforces his jaded perspective, shaped by betrayal and deceit.

In the first verse, A Boogie talks about feeling reincarnated, suggesting he’s been through this kind of pain before. He highlights the shifting behaviors of people around him, comparing them to hoes throwing subliminals, meaning indirect insults or messages. He stresses the stakes with the line “your life’s on the line”, hinting at the dangerous environment and how serious he is about loyalty and love.

A Boogie paints himself as an artist, stating “this is where I draw the lines”, signifying boundaries in trust. He recalls carrying a .45 at thirteen, implying a rough upbringing where loyalty was life-or-death. The line “would’ve saw the signs” reflects on missing red flags in past relationships.

The transition to fame and wealth is showcased with him dropping “five million on a carpet” and flying “like Aladdin”. Despite success, the skepticism remains, with the nostalgia of simpler times when he was “Lil Arty” and women weren’t as deceitful.

The second verse highlights the change in dynamics. A Boogie reminisces about times when his Nike Tech hoodie was linty from trapping, indicating a grind before fame. He flexes with designer wear but still feels the emotional impact, noting how she brings out his soft side, yet he can’t escape the pervasive mistrust.

The chorus’s repetition, “don’t you tell me that you love me, they say that all the time, and I know it’s lies”, hammers home the sentiment. A Boogie’s experiences have solidified his skepticism, making it hard to believe in genuine love amidst a world filled with deceit.

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