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Meaning of ‘I Feel It Coming’ by ‘The Weeknd’ feat. Daft Punk

Released: 2016

“I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd, featuring Daft Punk, is a smooth, laid-back track that delves into themes of intimacy, trust, and emotional healing. Blending sensual vocals with Daft Punk’s electronic touch, the song aims to reassure a partner who’s been hurt by love before.

The opening verse, “Tell me what you really like / Baby I can take my time,” sets the tone for a relaxed approach to intimacy. The Weeknd wants to take things slow, emphasizing that there’s no need for conflict, “We don’t ever have to fight / Just take it step-by-step.” Through the line “I can see it in your eyes / ‘Cause they never tell me lies,” he shows his trust and understanding, sensing the partner’s previous heartbreak.

In the pre-chorus, “You’ve been scared of love and what it did to you / You don’t have to run, I know what you’ve been through,” The Weeknd addresses the partner’s past fears directly. He offers a comforting touch, “Just a simple touch and it can set you free / We don’t have to rush when you’re alone with me,” highlighting the healing power of a gentle, patient approach.

The chorus, “I feel it coming, I feel it coming, babe,” is a repetitive mantra, stressing his confidence in the developing connection and intimacy. It’s about anticipation and the sense of impending closeness, making it clear that he’s in it for the long haul.

In the second verse, “You are not the single type / So baby, this is the perfect time,” The Weeknd reassures his partner that they belong together. He’s trying to elevate the vibe, “I’m just trying to get you high / And faded off this touch.” The goal is to lift their spirits and escape loneliness, “You don’t need a lonely night / So baby, I can make it right.” He’s all about putting in the effort to make his partner feel secure and loved.

The repetition of “You’ve been scared of love and what it did to you / You don’t have to run, I know what you’ve been through” in the pre-chorus reinforces the central message of empathy and understanding. The simple touch and the absence of rush underline the importance of taking things at a comfortable pace.

As the chorus repeats, “I feel it coming, I feel it coming, babe,” the song creates a hypnotic effect, emphasizing the inevitable closeness and connection that The Weeknd feels is building up. It’s all about being in the moment and letting things unfold naturally.

Overall, “I Feel It Coming” is a testament to patient love and understanding, wrapped in The Weeknd’s smooth delivery and Daft Punk’s signature production. It’s about healing past wounds and slowly building a strong, intimate bond.

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