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Meaning of ‘I Get the Bag’ by ‘Gucci Mane’ feat. Migos

Released: 2017 • Features: Migos

Yo, we’re about to break down “I Get the Bag” by Gucci Mane featuring Migos. A vivid depiction of the hustler lifestyle, this track highlights the relentless pursuit of wealth and the glamorous lifestyle often associated with it, including money, cars, women, drugs, and luxury goods. If you ain’t hip to the lingo, don’t stress. I’ll guide you through this.

That chorus, “You get the bag and fumble it / I get the bag and flip it and tumble it,” is all about securing the bag – or getting that money. Gucci and Migos are on their hustle game, flipping and tumbling the bag, meaning they make their money multiply. The lines that follow depict a life of luxury, from driving cars straight off the lot to sippin’ lean – that’s codeine, for those not up on the game.

The verse “Percocet pill on me (Percocet) / Ice on my neck, baby, chill with me (ice)” references both drug culture and the ostentatious display of wealth synonymous with hip-hop. Percocets are a strong prescription painkiller often referenced in rap, while “Ice” refers to diamonds and expensive jewelry.

Then Gucci spits these lines, “100k spent on a Pateck Phillippe / Bitch, I’m a dog, eat my treat”, flaunting his disposable income by mentioning a high-end watch brand, Patek Philippe. The line “Bitch, I’m a dog, eat my treat” just reinforces Gucci’s dominance in the game.

“I put them bricks in the fender / My bitch, she walk around like Kris Jenner,” moves into more street territory. “Bricks” is slang for large amounts of drugs, usually cocaine or heroin, and placing them in the fender of a car is a common method of transportation in the drug trafficking world. The Kris Jenner reference showcases his partner’s confident demeanor.

Gucci then claims his independence, declaring, “I do what I want, ’cause I’m signed to me.” He’s got his own label, 1017 Records, which essentially means he has total control over his music – a power move, no doubt.

In a flex of his success, he raps, “I get the bag, they get the bag, had to cut it in half,” essentially suggesting he’s getting so much money, he’s got enough to share around. Also, the line “Came out of jail and went straight to the top,” is a reference to his career skyrocketing with a string of impressive releases after his release from prison.

So there you have it, “I Get the Bag” deftly weaves together a tale of struggle, success, relentless hustle and the decadence that comes with fame. It’s a testament to Gucci Mane and Migos’ place in the game – top dogs who went from trapping to ruling the rap world.

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