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Meaning of ‘In Your Eyes’ by ‘The Weeknd’

Released: 2020

The Weeknd’s “In Your Eyes” dives deep into a complex relationship where both parties are hiding their true feelings and dealing with inner turmoil. The theme is centered around deception, unspoken pain, and the struggle to maintain a façade of happiness despite the visible cracks.

In the opening lines, “I just pretend, uh / That I’m in the dark,” The Weeknd admits to feigning ignorance about the troubles in the relationship. He continues with, “I don’t regret / ‘Cause my heart can’t take a loss,” showing his preference to ignore reality rather than face heartbreak. This sense of denial sets the tone for the song.

As the chorus hits, the lyrics “When I look at you / In your eyes / I see there’s something burning inside you” reveal that he knows his partner is hiding deep pain. Despite this pain, they make efforts to appear happy, “I know it hurts to smile, but you try to.” The chorus highlights the disconnect between the true emotions and what is outwardly projected.

In the verse “I tried to find love / In someone else too many times,” he confesses to seeking solace outside the relationship but admits that “When I tell you, you’re the one that was on my mind.” This admission speaks to the lingering connection he feels, despite the shame and mistakes he references with “I’m ashamed of what I’ve done.”

The repetition of the chorus reiterates the ongoing emotional struggle, portraying a cycle of hidden pain, attempts to mask it, and his own choice to look away from reality. The line “I always look the other way / I’m blind, I’m blind” emphasizes his active decision to ignore the truth.

The song overall paints a picture of two people trapped in a complicated and painful relationship, choosing to hide their true feelings and live behind a façade. The Weeknd’s ability to blend vulnerability with catchy melodies makes “In Your Eyes” a compelling exploration of love and deception.

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