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Meaning of ‘it boy’ by ‘bbno$’

Released: 2024

bbno$’s track “it boy” is all about exuding confidence and self-assuredness. The song leans into themes of self-worth, flaunting success, and asserting dominance in the hip-hop game. It’s a bold proclamation of being the top player, or “it boy,” in the industry.

The opening verse kicks off with bbno$ questioning who he is and immediately answering it with braggadocio. When he says, “Bitch, I’m him,” he’s making it clear, he’s the central figure, the one to watch. Calling himself “the Gen Z Eminem” underscores his confidence, likening himself to one of hip-hop’s most respected figures.

As the song progresses, bbno$ highlights his achievements and lifestyle. Phrases like “I bet on myself, I upped my price” illustrate his self-belief and hustle. He boasts about commanding a crowd with “Two-two hundred K got me jumpin’ on stage” and flexes his luxury lifestyle by mentioning his “all white Benz.”

When bbno$ says, “I’m gon’ smoke you like Endo,” he refers to high-quality marijuana, indicating he’ll outshine the competition. “Cash real green, cheese pesto” is slang for money, emphasizing his wealth. The line “eatin’ her box like bento” is a sexual innuendo, further flaunting his prowess.

The chorus repeats the theme with “I-T-B-O-Y, B-B-N-O-dollar sign,” reinforcing his brand and status. He asserts, “I-M-H-I-M, the Gen Z Eminem,” making sure everyone knows he’s a force in the new generation of hip-hop.

In the second verse, bbno$ continues with his playful arrogance. He mentions living lavishly with “hop in my bubblegum Mercedes.” His lines about “curvature” and “AC/DC” mix humor and sexual brags, showing off his playful personality.

Throughout “it boy,” bbno$ continuously drives home the point that he’s a leader in the game, the quintessential “it boy.” The repetition of “bitch, I’m him” cements his identity as someone who is unapologetically self-confident and successful.

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