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Meaning of ‘Heartless’ by ‘Polo G’ feat. Mustard

Released: 2020

“Heartless” by Polo G, with production magic by Mustard, is an unflinching, raw portrayal of life on the streets with themes revolving around violence, drugs, and the quest for fame and wealth. Yet, there is a yearning for change and escape, reflecting the complicated realities of the street hustle.

The intro “Mustard on the beat, ho” shouts out producer Mustard, known for his killer beats. Polo G’s lyrics dive straight into the harsh realities of his past, a violent life where young people are “heartless”, ready to kill at “close range”. He artfully references life on the corner, dealing drugs – the “dope gang” and the perils it can lead to, like his cousin getting indicted for dealing cocaine. The obsession with social media fame is also critiqued with “She an Instagram addict, she want mo’ fame”.

The hook further fuels the relentless tone, pouring out stories of street violence and the cruel inevitability of retaliatory killing. Polo G rhymes deadly realities with ambitions, claiming he’s “blowing up like propane”, a vivid metaphor for his rising success. Yet, he asserts his commitment to staying true to himself, “Told my inner-self I promise you I won’t change”.

Polo G Heartless (feat. Mustard)

In the second verse, Polo G illustrates the unforgiving street rule of retribution. It’s all brutal simplicity – cross us, and you’ll pay with your life. Yet, he also reveals the mental toll, expressing he’s stuck “inside the middle” of “Happiness and depression”. He confesses his love for “dollar signs” but also suggests the ephemeral nature of materialism with “fast cars, and shining crystals”.

And then, the hook comes back around, repeating the stark realities of his past. The consistency of the hook underscores the cyclical nature of the lifestyle and the difficulty of breaking free from its iron grip. The song ends on the same note it began, insisting on a harsh life molded by violence, drugs, and fame, yet holding out the promise of personal transformation and impending escape.

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