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Meaning of ‘Last Time That I Checc’d’ by ‘Nipsey Hussle’ feat. YG

Released: 2024 • Features: YG

“Last Time That I Checc’d” by the late Nipsey Hussle featuring YG is a forceful assertion of Hussle’s ascent from the streets to the top echelons of hip-hop, defying the odds and doing it his own way. Both lyrical and narrative, Nipsey delivers an honest testament of his struggle and the life lessons he’s picked up along the way, emphasizing self-reliance, grit, and hustle.

The hook, “Last time that I checc’d…” is a compelling mantra attesting to Nipsey’s rise and success; showing off his chains, asserting his street cred, pointing to his self-made journey, and highlighting the order of gaining money, power, and respect. The mention of ‘5 chains’ and ‘no smut on my rep’ are forms of bragadocio in hip-hop, symbolizing material wealth and undamaged reputation respectively.

When he says “I been self-made from the dribble”, Nipsey is emphasizing that he made his way up without any undeserved handouts, comparing his journey to that of a solo player in a basketball game. His use of the term “dribble” is a clear nod to the game. In his narrative, he also calls out false claimers and those who don’t respect the street codes. His repeated emphasis on self-reliance underscores his refusal to compromise or conform to industry norms.

Nipsey’s verse, “And I come through fly, no co-sign…” signifies his journey wasn’t supported by any major endorsements or ‘co-signs’, but a result of his own effort. He states, “Black owners in this game are powerful racists” alluding to the systemic biases in the music industry and the uphill battle for black artists attempting to claim ownership of their work.

YG’s verse complements Nipsey’s narrative, reinforcing themes of self-sufficiency and authentic representation. His verse closes with gratitude towards Nipsey (“And you be givin’ game like a big brother”) acknowledging Nipsey’s mentorship and wisdom.

Ultimately, “Last Time That I Checc’d” is both a statement piece and an anthem, encompassing Nipsey’s journey from the streets of Crenshaw to the corridors of entrepreneurship and musical fame, while staying true to his roots and asserting his self-made status.

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