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Meaning of ‘Like That’ by ‘Doja Cat’ feat. Gucci Mane

Released: 2019 • Features: Gucci Mane

Alright, let’s dive into “Like That” by Doja Cat featuring Gucci Mane. This track is a blend of swagger, confidence, and a celebration of attraction and fruitful relationships. It’s all about vibing with someone who matches your energy and spoils you right, mixing luxurious lifestyle references with a carefree attitude towards love and pleasure.

Starting off, Doja sets the tone with her bold assertion, “Tha-tha-tha-tha-tha-that’s my shit, That’s my wave.” She’s claiming her space, celebrating her success, and setting standards for how she wants to be treated. The lyrics “Do it like that and I’ll repay it, Don’t be scared, I ain’t afraid” suggest a reciprocal, fearless approach to her relationships. She’s about equal give and take, open to love, but only with someone who respects her wave and brings something to the table.

Doja’s first verse dives into the specifics of what she values in a partner. She craves attention (“You know I hate it when I’m left on read”) and appreciates lavish gestures (“he take me out, dinin’ on nothin’ but the best”). The mention of “Off-White” and making “bands in the West” symbolize success and a high-end lifestyle. She’s not just after the materialistic though; it’s about the effort, the vibe, and the mutual respect. When she says, “I hope that your ass gon’ know what to do,” it’s a cheeky nod to both physical attraction and understanding her needs and worth.

Gucci Mane comes in with his verse, introduced as “Gucci El Dorado,” which immediately evokes images of luxury and uniqueness. He brands himself and Doja Cat as exceptional – they’re not just artists, they’re an experience. Known for his lavish lifestyle and come-up story, Gucci emphasizes his wealth and sexual prowess. “Jumpin’ off the top rope, got ’em tag teamin'” could be a reference to wrestling but here it symbolizes his dominance in the game and possibly in bedroom antics. He finishes with a clever bar: “like a hole in my jeans,” mixing humor with his streetwise charm, suggesting even when he takes hits, he walks away with style.

The chorus, with its repeated lines, acts like a mantra for living boldly and unapologetically – demanding the best, enjoying the ride, and maintaining mutual respect in all dealings. The repetition of “I like it like that” in the outro serves as an affirmation of enjoying life’s pleasures on one’s own terms.

In sum, “Like That” by Doja Cat featuring Gucci Mane isn’t just about romantic relationships; it’s a declaration of self-worth, confidence, and expecting nothing but the best from those you let into your space. It blends Doja’s sensual, assertive vibes with Gucci’s street cred and extravagance, creating an anthem for those who know their worth and aren’t afraid to demand it.

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