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Meaning of the song ‘Come Get Her’ by ‘Rae Sremmurd’

Released: 2015

“Come Get Her” by Rae Sremmurd is a brash, boisterous celebration of club culture, with a sly nod to the hustling spirit presented in hip-hop. The song sees its protagonist enraptured by the allure and vibe of a woman dancing in the club, equating her movements to that of a professional stripper, and the heady mix of alcohol guiding their actions.

Breaking it down, the chorus, “Somebody come get her, she’s dancing like a stripper,” sets the stage. Rae Sremmurd are drawn to a woman whose confident and provocative dance moves remind them of a stripper. It’s not a derogatory term, but rather a testament to her skills and flair, and a call for someone to match her energy.

Moving on, “I’m a pothead, true enough, at your ex’s crib and you’re boo’d up,” the song expresses a typically unfiltered view of party culture. ‘Pothead’ refers to a frequent user of marijuana, and the line indicates the group’s nonchalant attitude towards its usage. ‘Boo’d up’ is a slang term for being in a romantic relationship, thus creating a vivid image of the party dynamics at play.

The lines, “Hennessy or Don Q? That’s a very hard choice,” make a tongue-in-cheek reference to the preference of alcoholic beverages. Here, the duo’s indulgence in a carefree lifestyle, with diamonds and expensive cars, adds to their overall fast-paced bravado prevalent throughout the song.

In essence, Rae Sremmurd’s “Come Get Her” is a celebration of opulence, the undeniably magnetic pull of club culture, and the charismatic individualities that emanate from within it. The woman at the center of the song isn’t a victim; rather, she’s as much a part of the scene as the rappers themselves, taking control of her sexuality and presence. In doing so, the track challenges conventional views about party antics, creating a refreshing narrative that’s both audacious and empowering.

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