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Meaning of ‘Look Back at It’ by ‘A Boogie wit da Hoodie’

Released: 2018

“Look Back at It” by A Boogie wit da Hoodie is about his interactions with women, his lifestyle, and his rise to fame. He highlights the thrill and complexity of relationships, especially with women who bring him joy but might not be the best for him in the long run. The track is as much about celebration as it is about reflecting on the ups and downs of his journey.

Starting with “Look back at it,” A Boogie talks about a girl who’s inexperienced but naturally talented in getting his attention. Her actions give him a rush, making him feel good. When he says, “Girls just wanna have fun with me,” he captures the carefree nature of the interactions but acknowledges these relationships aren’t necessarily good for him.

He moves on to flexing with lines like, “Got a new Benz that I ain’t promoting,” showing he’s living large but keeping aspects of his life low-key. He boasts about his jewelry, “every single chain, and my diamond rings,” signifying his success and the influence he has over his environment. He insists, “Don’t you ever think it’s another me,” emphasizing his uniqueness and unreplicable style.

A Boogie describes how people around him are proud because of his financial success, but also how being in the spotlight makes it hard to stay unnoticed, with “hoodie on low but I stay focused.” These lines reflect the dual nature of fame, where admiration comes with pressure and constant attention.

In the repeated chorus, he circles back to the girl who makes him feel good, reinforcing the tension between fleeting fun and deeper emotional complexities. The “Ddrat, da-da, da” doesn’t carry a deep meaning but adds rhythmic charm. This recurring element in the song emphasizes the carefree vibe.

He shifts to reflect on camaraderie with, “Hit a lick and split it with my guys,” showing loyalty to his crew. He openly admits he’s not perfect with, “Ain’t shit I admit it but I try,” which humanizes him despite his success, showing he’s still striving to get better.

In the end, he repeats the main ideas: the thrill of being with women, the highs of his life, and the continuous pursuit of betterment. “Look back at it,” the phrase that ties it all together, encapsulates the song’s theme of reflection mixed with the excitement of the present.

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