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Meaning of ‘Luv Is Dro’ by ‘Jack Harlow’ feat. Static Major, Bryson Tiller

Released: 2020

“Luv Is Dro” by Jack Harlow, featuring Static Major and Bryson Tiller, is a sensuous, soulful hip-hop track centered around a romantic encounter. Its lyrics express the narrators’ desire for intimacy and their willingness to take their time, promising undivided attention and a love as intoxicating as top-quality cannabis, referred to as ‘dro.

The opening lines, “Turn off the lights, Let the moonshine through the blinds”, set the intimate atmosphere – a dimly lit room bathed in moonlight where the narrators are free to express their feelings. When they “Press on your spine” it’s a distinct, sensual move, aiming to ignite an intimate connection. This intimate touch, combined with her alluring aura, leaves the narrators “mesmerized”.

The line, “Plus, girl, my love is dro” refers to top-quality marijuana, ‘dro, a slang term. Here, it stands metaphorically for the intoxicating nature of his love – powerful and capable of giving her a euphoric ‘rush’, just like the high from quality cannabis. This metaphor connects the pleasure of romantic intimacy to the pleasure of smoking top-notch cannabis.

The phase, “Hit an instant replay, Yes, I had to get it twice, breakfast, lunch, and dinner”, showcases how mesmerizing their time together is that he wants to relive it all, not just once, but multiple times, suggesting complete infatuation.

Finally, the lyrics “Somebody must’ve shown you how to ride ’cause (show you how to ride), You do it right, you’re not too wild with it”, reflect admiration for the woman’s perfect balance in their dance of passion – not too tame, not too wild, just right.

Through the soulful vocals and lyrical prowess of Harlow, Tiller, and the late Static Major, “Luv Is Dro” becomes a potent expression of respectful, playful, and genuine intimacy between two beings lost in love’s intoxication. And yes, “Me and Jack and Static this a motherfuckin’ classic” indeed.

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