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Meaning of ‘Jimmy Cooks’ by ‘Drake’ feat. 21 Savage

Released: 2022 • Features: 21 Savage

“Jimmy Cooks,” a track by Drake featuring 21 Savage, dials into the artists’ robust resilience amidst a world of fake personas and the sacrifices they have to make for their craft. The title itself hints at the drive and determination in this journey, symbolizing brewing up ambitions in a metaphorical kitchen.

Drake kicks off the first verse with a strong statement of shaking off sleep-induced complacency and leaning into the reality of life. A significant name-drop occurs with a shoutout to Lil Keed, paying homage to the rising hip-hop artist, echoing themes of brotherhood common in hip-hop culture. The lines “Heard you with a shooting guard, just let a nigga know” demonstrate Drake’s assertive personality, using basketball idioms to express his directness in dealing with romantic pursuits.

Transitioning to the chorus, he presents a loyal stance towards his original gang, his “day ones,” displaying a celebratory vibe. Even with the progression in his career, he acknowledges those who have been there from the beginning. The line “Rest in peace to Drama King, we was straight stuntin'” is a poignant tribute to DJ Kay Slay, known as the Drama King, highlighting the influence and respect he holds within the hip-hop community.

21 Savage enters with his verse, validating the gritty street narrative with lines like “smack the backside of his head like he Bart,” a cheeky nod to the iconic cartoon character Bart Simpson, used here to underscore the ruthless realities of street life. The statement “OVO 4L, we come out when it get dark” is a shout out to Drake’s label, October’s Very Own, affirming their alliance. The bar “Askin’ all these questions, bitch, you must think you Nadeska” references Nadeska Alexis, a notable media personality, known for her probing questions, indicating the prying nature of some people in their lives.

The bars, “If I was Will Smith, I would’ve slapped him with a stick” brushes upon the recent incident where Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars, using it to express 21 Savage’s intolerance towards disrespect. His allegiance to Drake is then stressed in the line “I got mad love for the boy, yeah, that’s my twizzin,” using the slang ‘twizzin’ as a term for friend or associate.

Drake sandwiches the guest verse with the refrain “Gotta throw a party for my day ones,” reinforcing the theme of loyalty, and the pause before “say something” underlines the challenge posed to any detractor. The song ends on a defiant note, daring anyone critical of their lifestyle or success to voice their objections visibly.

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