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Meaning of ‘Mamas PrimeTime’ by ‘Westside Gunn’ feat. JID, Conway the Machine, Cartier A Williams

Released: 2023 • Features: JID, Conway the Machine, Cartier A Williams

“Mamas PrimeTime” by Westside Gunn is a solid track that serves up some cold-blooded bars and unfiltered street wisdom through its lyrics. In essence, the song dwells on the rappers’ days of hustling, their rise to stardom, defiance against social injustice, and the gritty life on the streets.

Starting with Westside Gunn’s verse, he uses his wordplay to paint a vivid picture of his past life of hustling and drug dealing. His declaration of being “super humble” is a paradoxical assertion when he talks about spitting in someone’s face, reflecting his assertive approach and never forgetting where he comes from, despite his success. His line, “Cocaine mega loss, bag in the Venetta stores” references his past involvement in the drug trade to afford luxury fashion labels. By mentioning “Philippe Beijing,” he is referencing Patek Philippe, a luxury watch brand, a symbol of his achieved wealth.

JID’s verse is intertwined with social commentaries and poignant reflections of the struggle of growing up in the tough streets, a plight resonating with many in the hip-hop community. His line, “Grew up with no justice, no peace, it’s just us on them streets,” reflects on the social realities of racial inequality and police violence, echoing protests slogans. He also pays homage to his Atlanta roots, referring to the city’s public transit system MARTA.

Conway the Machine finishes off with his verse where he discusses his triumph over adversity and his rise to stardom. He shows off his success with lines like “Multi-million dollar endorsements, yeah, yeah” and “Ex-street nigga, but now I’m corporate” further emphasizing the transition from the streets to the high life.

In all, “Mamas PrimeTime” is a lens into the raw reality experienced by these artists, who lay bare their truth for all to witness, while not shying away from the hard-hitting realities of street life and systemic prejudices that fuel it.

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