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Meaning of the song ‘Whoopy’ by ‘Westside Gunn’

Released: 2019

Imagine the gritty backdrop of the streets meshed with the glimmer of luxurious life; that’s the essence of “Whoopy” by Westside Gunn. This song paints a narrative of tumultuous love, loyalty, eroticism, and high risks in the drug game, all wrapped in a hard-hitting hip-hop tune.

The song opens with Westside Gunn expressing his stellar lifestyle, “rockin’ Stella sweaters”. This means he’s wearing high-quality designer attire, reinforcing his status. The line “Jewelry weather, truly yours for pleasure” implies that he’s donning expensive jewelry not just for show, but for his own satisfaction. The complicated romantic involvement unfolds as Gunn insinuates that the woman left her man for him because he “fucked you better”. Here, he uses explicit language to symbolize the deeper connection they share compared to her previous relationship.

Continuing the storyline, Westside Gunn descends into the harsh reality of the streets – “feds kicked the door in at the last spot”. This paints an image of a police raid, highlighting the perils of the fast-paced, illegal lifestyle he’s involved in. He then pays tribute to his girl’s loyalty, who attempted to “flush the half block”, or get rid of the drugs, during the raid. He repeats “I love you, bitch”, showing that she’s not just another girl to him, but someone he deeply cares for, thus the harsh endearment.

Symbolism is heavy in the line “His and hers Mulsanne” which refers to both of them having high-end Bentley Mulsanne cars, an indicator of their shared wealth and status. He mentions “fashion week, we rockin’ Wang”, pointing out their joint participation in high-status events and their affinity for Alexander Wang, a high-fashion designer.

Gunn’s lyrics also walk a fine line between eroticism and brutality. In the lines “Your legs shakin’ when the two fingers playin’, I’ma kill you if you give my pussy away”, he asserts his possessiveness over the woman, emphasizing the intensity of their sexual relationship and the potential danger she may face if she betrays him. This underscores the raw, uncompromising nature of their relationship both in love and in the game.

Ultimately, “Whoopy” is a striking juxtaposition of luxurious living and street hustling, woven together by the thread of a passionate, dangerous love affair. It offers a stark snapshot of the complexity and duality of life on the edge; a testament to Westside Gunn’s lyrical prowess.

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