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Meaning of ‘Millions From Now’ by ‘2 Chainz’ feat. Lil Wayne

Released: 2023 • Features: Lil Wayne

“Millions From Now” by 2 Chainz featuring Lil Wayne is an audacious and braggadocious proclamation of the artists’ rise to fame, wealth, and their predicted future successes. In simpler terms, it’s about making bank and forgetting about the people who did you wrong once you secure that financial freedom. Both artists let listeners know they are at a point in their careers where past grudges and negative energy don’t phase them anymore.

The song kicks off with 2 Chainz stating: “A million dollars from now, I won’t remember you”. This sets the theme right off the bat, he’s making it clear that with the wealth he’s gaining, he’s leaving behind those who’ve been a source of negativity in his life. The ‘you’ isn’t specified, which makes it applicable to anyone who has crossed him.

In the lines “Soon as I land, they come with a bag. Tell her, I just got it, it don’t have a tag”. 2 Chainz talks about how he’s now at a point where fresh off the flight, brands are lining up to gift him. High-end brands often gift celebrities free products hoping they’ll sport them in public, providing some free advertising. Don’t get it twisted, ‘bag’ here refers to a sack of money in hip hop lingo.

In his verse, Lil Wayne states: “A million dollars from now, I’ma feel like I’m a million dollars away”, cleverly incorporating wordplay to express that even after earning millions more, he’ll still feel like he could make another million. It’s the hunger, the drive that they tryna portray.

Weezy also uses the metaphor “Cry me a river ’cause I’m on a yacht”, to flex on haters and pessimists. He’s cruising on a luxurious yacht, symbolizing his prosperity while those who doubted him are left behind, drowning in their own tears of regret.

They both use the phrase “I won’t remember you” as a chorus throughout the song as a unifying theme. It serves as a constant reminder of their growth and how they’ve moved past negative influences. It’s a middle finger to the doubters and naysayers.

In conclusion, “Millions From Now” is both a public declaration of the artists’ success and an anthem for anyone striving to find success in their own life. It encapsulates the artists’ journey from hardships to successes, while steadfastly stating that they aren’t about to forget their roots anytime soon.

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