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Meaning of ‘Monëy so big’ by ‘Yeat’

Released: 2021

At its core, “Monëy so big” by Yeat is a bold celebration of success, wealth, and a distinct separation from the past or anyone who doesn’t serve the narrator’s narrative of victory. It’s about riding high, living that designer life, and putting haters and imitators in their place. The song doesn’t just flex wealth but also claims authenticity against those who cap—slang for lying or pretending.

The track opens up with Yeat comparing his wealth to big-bodied objects like a Toyota Tonka truck, emphasizing the enormity and toughness of his financial status. He mocks those who pretend to live a life they haven’t, calling them burgers and fryer than a grease ball, implying they’re easy to burn or surpass. He brings in an unorthodox flex, comparing his flow of hits to being advised by the devil himself to keep doing what he does—suggesting that his talent and success are unstoppable.

Yeat doesn’t stop at flaunting his wealth; he also emphasizes his disbelief in the stories others tell about their lives and achievements, especially rapping about drugs they’ve never experienced. He uses vivid imagery, like driving off the lot in a GLE with tint and wearing chinchilla skin, to paint a picture of his lifestyle. Simultaneously, he challenges his detractors by showing off his success, like switching from a 50 band to a honeybun (slang for $100,000), signifying his exponential growth in wealth. Throughout, he maintains a narrative of evolution and consistency in success, making it clear he’s in a league of his own—both creatively and materially.

Yeat’s song operates on multiple levels—flaunting success, debunking posers, and stating his dominance in the game. It’s a celebration wrapped in clever comparisons, slang, and references to luxury that not only serve to illustrate his standing but also to debunk the façade others may live by. The high life, according to Yeat, isn’t just about the flashy cars and money; it’s also about authenticity and staying true to one’s self while evolving and achieving greatness.

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