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Meaning of ‘Breathe’ by ‘Yeat’

Released: 2024

In Yeat’s track “Breathe,” the theme revolves around overwhelming wealth, independence, and a general disdain for those who try to imitate his lifestyle or stand in his way. The hustle, the flex, and the unapologetic attitude towards haters stack up in this high-energy anthem.

The repetitive use of *”breathe”* at the start captures the essence of how intense and unstoppable Yeat feels. The line, *”I was bored, bought a jet, made a billion,”* set the tone for his boredom with mundane luxury, pushing for even greater opulence. His ambitions skyrocket as he intensely shouts, *”Nah, fuck that, bitch, I need a trillion,”* indicating that a billion isn’t enough—he always craves more.

Yeat’s disregard for others is clear in *”I won’t ever give a fuck if you breathe”* and *”I don’t really give a fuck about you.”* The cold, ruthless outlook continues as he’s indifferent to people’s judgments or struggles, prioritizing his growth and wealth over everything else. The continuous reminder to *”breathe”* can be seen as a jab at those who can’t keep up with his high-paced, relentless lifestyle.

The lines *”I’ma cut it open, I’m doin’ surgery, In the limelight, make ’em go insane,”* show how he sees himself as an innovator, causing disruptions in the game and driving others crazy with his success. He blatantly claims superiority with, *”Got ’em turnin’ they heads, I know I’m a asshole.”* Yeat admits his arrogance and relishes in it.

The aggression in *”I don’t fuck with you, squish you like a bug”* and *”I won’t shake your hand, bitch, you need a glove”* emphasizes his readiness to cut off fake relationships and treat them with disdain. His lines about washing blood off his hands further underline his merciless attitude. The repetition of *”fuck love”* and bragging about his income illustrates his focus on material success over emotional connections.

Ultimately, Yeat’s message is loud and clear: he’s above the rest, doesn’t care about others’ opinions, and is constantly on the grind for more—leaving everyone else gasping for breath in his wake.

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