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Meaning of ‘MY SUB PT 6’ by ‘Big K.R.I.T.’

Released: 2023 • Features: Garfield Bright of Shai

“MY SUB PT 6” by Big K.R.I.T., featuring Garfield Bright of Shai, is an unabashed love letter to powerful subwoofers and the visceral feel of bass-heavy music whilst cruising on vogue tyres and trues. The lyrics convey the feverish anticipation and literal shaking that the pure, raw power of bass can induce, akin to a sonic high that’s addictive.

The lyrics are filled with imagery both singular and universal. In the opening lines, K.R.I.T. describes the anticipation for that bass drop — the heartbeat of hip-hop which parallels to a feeling of palpable excitement, almost like a fiend yearning for a fix. The repeated phrase “for that drop” invokes the anticipation and visceral enjoyment of the bass drop, a widespread concept in hip-hop. At the same time, the “drop” also represents various themes in the song, from dance moves (as a stripper on the pole, roof to flo, let it drop) to people getting suddenly caught off guard (watch your mouth, check yo fam, where you stand, you get drop).

The song is also layered with references to urban culture and icons. Mentioning “Wesley Snipes with his own rock” is likely a reference to Wesley Snipes’ character Nino Brown, a drug lord in the film New Jack City. Wesley’s “rock” could mean his power or the drugs he sold, another metaphor for the consuming, addictive nature of bass music. References to “Bishop” pertains to Tupac Shakur’s character in the movie “Juice”, further grounding the lyrics in a specific urban and hip-hop identity.

The lyrics towards the end of the song affirm K.R.I.T.’s commitment to bass-heavy sound, promising that even if he ever cruises low or “crawls, on vogues and trues” (popular brands of wheels seen on many low-riders), he’ll ensure that his “sub knockin’ too”. By stating that his sub will “knock on you”, K.R.I.T. emphasizes the immersive and confrontational aspect of this type of music — it’s not merely listened to, but felt.

The final refrain of “Knockin’ with the drop, knock knockin’ with the drop (this is for the bass heads, bass heads)” reinforces the song’s central theme, serving as an anthem for the bass music enthusiasts fondly referred to as “bass heads”. It’s an affectionate nod to this subset of the hip-hop community, uniting them under the common banner of their shared passion.

All in all, “MY SUB PT 6” by Big K.R.I.T. is a high-energy portrayal of bass culture. It is an expressive tribute to bass sound, significant to the South and the rollercoaster thrill it provides, echoing the themes of anticipatory tension, climactic release, and the pervasive influence this part of hip-hop culture has on its passionate followers.

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