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Meaning of ‘Need It’ by ‘Migos’ feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Released: 2021 • Features: YoungBoy Never Broke Again

“Need It” by Migos, featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is a raw exposition of the struggles and triumphs birthed from the streets. It echoes the message of survival, glorifies the wealth amassed from such experiences, and tells the story of living a dangerous, high-stakes life with pride. The song effectively weaves tales of violence, drugs, wealth, and the inherent risk of their lifestyle with an unwavering affirmation of their roots.

Opening with YoungBoy spitting the chorus, he introduces the song’s premise clearly, “I said I need it, This Draco undefeated”. The ‘Draco’ mentioned here is a compact AK-47, symbolizing the dangerous undercurrent of their lifestyle. The phrase ‘undefeated’ emphasizes the power this weapon holds in their world. The line, “My wrist look like a snow cone, make her eat it” is all about flaunting wealth, with the ‘snow cone’ symbolizing a diamond-studded wristwatch. The lyrics continues by discussing steering clear from getting ‘caught’, a nod to their illicit undertakings.

In the first verse, YoungBoy narrates his coming-of-age story, one marked by the drug trade (“I came up selling hard”). The ‘Nawf’ he repeatedly reveres is North Atlanta, the stomping grounds of Migos, where they too embarked on similar paths of struggle-to-success. The lyrics also mention evading law enforcement (“We boarding the jet ’cause my dog got a warrant”) and continues to project a fearless, risk-taking demeanor.

In the second verse, Migos member Quavo reflects on his rise from a low-income lifestyle to affluence. He boasts about his new bling, wealth, and the bonds he still maintains with his gang (‘Keep me a ratchet’, a slang term for a firearm or a street-savvy girl). The verse finishes with a critique of those who’ve copied their fashion and style (“They stole the flow, now they tryna run off with the fashion”).

The final verse by Takeoff is packed with triumphant swagger. The lyrics talk about not entertaining conspiracy or compromise (the reference to ‘vegan’ meaning to avoid ‘beef’, which means rivalry in hip-hop lingo) and continues their narrative on flaunting wealth with “we copping more ice and tuck in the freezer”.

“Need It” is a street anthem that highlights the dangers and victories of the drug game, narrates a rags-to-riches story, and affirms their unshaken ties to their roots. It’s a celebration of their journey while acknowledging the risky undercurrents that run beneath.

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