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Meaning of the song ‘Handsome And Wealthy’ by ‘Migos’

Released: 2014

“Handsome And Wealthy” by Migos is a track that drips with the themes of sudden wealth, the allure of materialism, and the quest for authenticity in a world saturated with superficial attractions. It’s a boastful anthem, where the trio ponders over the reason behind their attractiveness to others—questioning if it’s their physical appeal or their opulent lifestyle that draws people in.

The hook of the song—which repeats throughout—sets the stage with Quavo questioning why he finds himself in the club with a specific girl and an abundance of “bad bitches” that he can’t seem to shake off. The repetition of “Is it ’cause a nigga handsome and wealthy?” signifies the artists grappling with the idea of attraction based solely on external appearances and financial status. Quavo reflects on his success and acquisitions like diamonds, expensive watches, and designer shoes, questioning if these are the only reasons he’s sought after.

Throughout the verses, the members of Migos dive deeper into their reflections and experiences. At different points, they allude to their rise from obscure beginnings to stardom and wealth, as seen in lines like “I got my chain and ring / My Rolex watch it got 50 carats.” This contrast between their past and current selves is palpable, with their material success serving as both a badge of honor and a source of introspection.

The lyrics also touch upon the fast life that comes with fame—luxury brands like “Givenchy” and “Louboutins,” references to drugs and the effect they have on consumers, and connections to prominent figures exemplified by “Young nigga walking with Nina Ross.” Migos uses these references to paint a vivid picture of their lifestyle post-fame, which is enticing yet riddled with complexities and superficial relationships.

Additionally, Migos does not shy away from expressing the darker sides of their reality. They bring up issues like distrust in relationships, as seen in lines about women looking for men to change their lives and the transactional nature of some of these interactions. Despite the upbeat tempo and confident delivery, there’s an undercurrent of seeking genuine connection amidst the chaos of fame.

The slang and colloquial language used throughout the song—words like “bitches” for women, “nigga” as a term of camaraderie among African Americans, and “plug” referring to a source, typically for drugs or contraband—help accentuate their narrative, grounded in their experiences and cultural background. “Handsome And Wealthy” is more than just a braggadocious track; it’s a window into the conflicted psyche of artists who’ve achieved their dreams but are left wondering about the authenticity of the relationships they foster in this new world of wealth and fame.

In summary, “Handsome And Wealthy” by Migos is a layered exploration of success, materialism, and the quest for real connections in the fast-paced, often superficial world of hip-hop fame. Through their distinctive flow and candid lyrics, Migos manages to celebrate their achievements while simultaneously questioning the cost of their new lifestyles.

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