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Meaning of ‘Nigo Louis’ by ‘Westside Gunn’ feat. Westside Pootie

Released: 2022

At the core, “Nigo Louis” by Westside Gunn, featuring Westside Pootie, is a braggadocious anthem that marries the worlds of high fashion, street cred, and unmatched success. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of living large, effortlessly blending luxury and grit. It’s about making it big, doing it stylishly, and never forgetting where you came from.

The song kicks off with sound effects and a bold declaration of violence, setting the tone for this gritty, no-holds-barred track. When Westside Gunn raps about someone getting a headshot and doing the “stanky leg,” it’s a brutal metaphor for how they handle opposition, with consequences that are both immediate and dramatic. The mention of “Griselda” underlines their allegiance to the Griselda Records label, known for its hardcore hip-hop vibe.

The narrative then shifts with Westside Pootie’s entrance, who, despite his young age, shows off an extraordinary lifestyle, marked by luxury cars and fashion. The line “When Ason was born, he came home in a Lamborghini” isn’t just about wealth; it’s a statement on the extraordinary life they lead from birth. Pootie’s challenge to listeners about getting kicked out of school for being too fly underlines a confidence and swagger that’s been instilled from a young age. By declaring “Griselda is the greatest,” there’s a clear pride in their label’s status and influence in hip-hop.

As the song progresses, the lyrics detail a life of risk and opulence. The “banana peel yellow Aston” and “banana clip hangin’ out the Nigo Louis jacket” are not just markers of wealth but signify a lifestyle where danger and luxury coexist. Westside Gunn’s storytelling about his associates and their brushes with the law (“Pino, G Baby, Will, Big Ray, Armond got knocked”) reflects the harsh realities of the streets they’ve navigated. Yet, even amidst this, they maintain a lavish lifestyle, symbolized through the scent of Baccarat and expensive tastes.

In closing, Westside Gunn declares himself as godlike, positioned as close to a deity as one can get in the streets and the rap game. The track wraps with an assertion of superiority in the hip-hop world, further asserting their top-dog status. “Nigo Louis” is a testament to Westside Gunn and Westside Pootie’s journey from the streets to the pinnacle of success, without ever losing sight of their roots, encapsulated through their gritty lyrics, luxurious references, and unapologetic pride.

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