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Meaning of ‘Notice Me’ by ‘Migos’ feat. Post Malone

Released: 2018 • Features: Post Malone

“Notice Me” by Migos, featuring Post Malone, is a flashy exhibition of success, wealth, and the lifestyle that accompanies it. It’s all about getting noticed due to the lavish display of riches, brand-name fashion, and the power that comes with rising to the top in the rap game. The track is not just a boast but an anthem of having made it, and the artists let their jewelry and success speak for themselves.

The song kicks off by setting the scene with wealth and luxury as its cornerstone. Migos express their confidence and achievements through the imagery of slow-riding with someone’s significant other, flaunting Saint Laurent fashion, and dripping in so much jewelry that it demands attention. This verse sets up the theme of the song: success in the rap game translates to material wealth and social status that’s hard not to notice. The repeated lines about Saint Laurent and the Rolex (“Rol'”) reinforce this connection between high-end consumer items and the recognition of their success.

The chorus dives deeper into the desire for attention and recognition. Migos talk about wanting to keep the focus on their prize (which could be a metaphor for their targets in life or literal relationships with women) and pushing to higher levels of success and visibility. The line “Fox Five, Five, Five on it” could reference a desire to be news-worthy or perhaps just emphasizing the intensity with which they pursue their goals. The notion of getting “live” encapsulates the energetic, dynamic nature of their presence and performance.

In the following verses, the rap group delves into the specifics of their journey and current lifestyle. They mention “Birds in the traps singin’ like Jodeci,” alluding to making money through less-than-legal means but comparing it to harmonious music, showcasing their grind from the bottom to now tipping for courtesy, indicating their rise and financial freedom. The line “rappers be talking, think they hurting me” followed by flaunting the ability to take someone’s significant other plays into the competitive and sometimes contentious dynamics within rap culture. The reference to “keep the Draco case in emergency” adds a layer of seriousness about the environment they’ve navigated, where preparedness for conflict is a regrettable necessity.

Post Malone’s feature strengthens the thematic core of flaunting success in the face of adversity. He talks about surpassing older rappers (“a lot of these rappers getting old to me”), which highlights the youthful energy and innovation they bring to the game. Malone’s mention of “dropping the top and showing the titties” and running to the money to try to “get fitted” further underscores this celebration of wealth and the freedom it brings. His vision of arriving with “twenty-five bitches” and selling out facilities is a testament to the success and excess that defines their lifestyle.

By the end of the song, the resounding message is clear: Migos and Post Malone have made it big, and they want everyone to know. Through their journey, they’ve accumulated not just wealth but also experiences, from “having a good time in Italy” to facing betrayals over loyalty. Despite the surface level celebration of materialism, there’s an undercurrent of seeking recognition and respect in the competitive environment of hip-hop, where your status is constantly being scrutinized. “Notice Me” isn’t just about being seen; it’s about being acknowledged for the climb to the top and staying there against all odds.

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