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Meaning of ‘Only Wanna Be With You’ by ‘Post Malone’

Released: 2021

“Only Wanna Be With You” by Post Malone is a catchy blend of pop and hip-hop that makes clear declarations about infatuation and loyalty. The lyrics dip into personal emotions and experiences, all while playing with an undercurrent of pop culture references, hinting at a deep attachment and a willingness to navigate through the complexities that come with relationships.

The song opens with “You and me, we come from different worlds”, laying down the stark contrasts between the protagonist and the object of his affections. The subsequent lines show the protagonist’s expectations being punctured, yet he remains humorously plaintive, underscoring his fixation and willingness to endure the emotional roller coaster. The “the Cowboys make me cry” line is a nod to Post Malone’s well-known love for the Dallas Cowboys football team, thus adding a touch of personal authenticity to his lyrics.

The lines “I just wanna love you but you wanna wear my ring” subtly flip the usual narrative about commitment-phobia, while simultaneously projecting a desire for a less complicated, more straightforward relationship. It’s further emphasized in the hook, “I only wanna be with you”, which highlights the protagonist’s single-minded affection.

Moving forward, the song interpolates references to Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue” (“Put on a little Dylan sittin’ on a fence”), paying respect to the timeless influence of Dylan’s songwriting. The line “Said I shot a man named Gray, took his wife to Italy” is a quintessential Dylan-esque narrative twist, painting a picture that’s intriguingly off-beat.

The refrain “Yeah, I’m tangled up in blue” is a direct homage to Dylan’s song, symbolizing the emotional entanglement of the protagonist. The color blue often alludes to feelings of melancholy, suggesting that even amidst his infatuation, there is a sense of sadness or frustration.

The song concludes with the protagonist continuing to struggle with his jealousy and insecurities, yet vocalizing his unwavering desire: “I’m such a baby, yeah, the Cowboys make me cry… I only wanna be with you.” This adds a layer of vulnerability to the song, reinforcing the overarching theme of yearning and emotional intricacy present in love and relationships.

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