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Meaning of the song ‘Wow.’ by ‘Post Malone’

Released: 2019

Yo, check it. Post Malone’s “Wow.” is a flex anthem, straight up. It’s about his meteoric rise to fame and the lavish lifestyle that comes with it. From the get-go, he lays down bars that speak to the transformation from being underrated to a top-charting artist adored by the masses. Let’s dive into the dope narrative and decode the finesse of these lyrics.

From the jump, Malone sets the tone, speaking on a girl’s desire to level up from “little money” to a “big boy,” indicating she’s hunting that upgrade in her life. He rolls in with “20 inch blades,” referencing rims inspired by the rapper Lil’ Troy, signaling he’s not just talking big, he’s living large. A “decoy” here is a distraction because now he’s got all the attention, and Shorty’s cocktail mixing game represents their elevated life.

The repeated “G-Wagen, G-Wagen” is an ode to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, a symbol of wealth and status. When he says “all the housewives pullin’ up,” it’s like he’s saying his whips are so fly, even suburbanites can’t help but gawk. Flipping to a nod to the music scene, “720S bumpin’ Fall Out Boy” suggests a McLaren 720S sports car as his choice ride, equipped with a sound system blasting the famous rock band, blending genres and showcasing his eclectic taste.

Malone gets introspective, reminiscing about those who dissed him before his success, but now he’s unbothered by the hate. Showing off the “igloo” in his mouth, he’s talking ‘bout his diamond-laden grin – it’s cold, it’s blingy, it’s hard.

The chorus is where Malone shines, talking about a “hunnid bands in my pocket,” flaunting the stacks on stacks he’s got on him at all times. That level of bread is why he’s rolling “deep like the army,” surrounded by a crew, making sure his presence at any spot turns heads and drops jaws, leaving folks uttering a single word – “Wow.”

Now, we’re getting cinematic with references to Dikembe Mutombo, the legendary NBA shot-blocker, suggesting Malone’s untouchable in his game. The “750 Lambo in the Utah snow” flex is pure imagery – exotic cars against a snowy backdrop, defying expectations just like Malone’s career has. And that “trunk in the front like that shit Dumbo” is probably about the Lamborghini’s trunk location, unusual like the elephant’s big ears. Cutting the “roof off like a nip-tuck” further illustrates his penchant for customization and extravagance; nothing’s off-limits.

Malone hints at the seamless transition from the ordinary to the extraordinary, transforming a regular kitchen counter into a strip club setting – it’s all about that lavish, excessive lifestyle he’s adapted to. There’s a notable nod to Dr. Dre with “Me and Dre came for the…”, but leaving it hanging, emphasizing the unexpectedness of success and the people you meet along the way.

He reminisces on how everyone disappeared when the cash came through, but now hits like “Congratulations” have them changing their tune. Not sipping on “a 40” and pouring out liquor is a sign of his evolved state – it’s no longer about the struggle but celebrating the wins. “Always goin’ for it, never punt fourth down” equates his relentless ambition to a gutsy football play, while “Last call, Hail Mary, Prescott touchdown” clinches this with a reference to quarterback Dak Prescott’s game-winning moves, metaphorical for Malone’s clutch successes.

The track winds down with the chorus, reinforcing the message of hitting it big and making an impression wherever he goes – Malone’s not just a player in the game, he’s now a key figure that even grandmas are vibing to. “Wow” becomes less of a word and more of a state of mind, encapsulating the sheer impact and disbelief at the level of success he’s achieved. Every “Wow” is like a toast to the heights he’s soared, and a reminder that he’s the same cat who flipped the script and sailed past everyone’s expectations, leaving them in awe.

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