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Meaning of ‘ORANGE SODA’ by ‘Baby Keem’

Released: 2019

In “ORANGE SODA,” Baby Keem brings us right into his whirlwind world, mixing titillating lines with a laid-back bravado that’s signature to his style. Keem talks big about his relationships, bluntly contrasting his romantic pursuits with an almost dismissive attitude towards the drama they can bring, all while positioning himself as a figure of underground success breaking into the mainstream.

The song kicks off with Keem’s brash invitation, “Bitch, sit on my face, I attack that”, setting a raw, unapologetic tone. He quickly layers this with “Choose up, lil’ junt, I’m finna pack him”, slang for picking out someone he’s interested in and intending to impress them. Through these lines, we see Keem portraying himself as both desirable and dominant, a theme that cuts across the entire track. The reference to “Dirtball in the coupe smokin’ cat piss” conjures images of him enjoying his success in unconventional ways, with “cat piss” likely referring to high-quality marijuana, all part of the lifestyle he’s embracing.

The chorus, in its repetition, emphasizes shutting down any opposition, particularly from a lover’s friends. “Lil’ bitch, shut the fuck up / Tell your best friend, shut the fuck up, ayy” showcases his intolerance for noise that doesn’t align with his vibe and his unyielding focus on what he wants. Keem also slightly softens as he mentions, “You my orange soda shorty”, using “orange soda” as a sweet, nostalgic symbol for the woman he’s charmed by, despite the chaos surrounding their relationship.

In subsequent verses, Keem’s boasts about wealth and status become clearer. Phrases like “My lil’ baby lowkey a flexer / Six figs on the whip, that’s a price tag” not only highlight his financial accomplishments but also how he uses this to impress and maintain his relationships. Despite this, there’s a tacit acknowledgment of the hollowness it can bring, seen in “I hate a bitch that I can’t impress”, pointing to a desire for genuine connection amidst the materialism.

Through “ORANGE SODA,” Baby Keem crafts a narrative that’s as much about the complications of his personal life as it is a celebration of his rise in the rap game. His raw, unfiltered language mixed with casual references to wealth and status offers a glimpse into the highs and lows of his world, making it a quintessential hip-hop track that’s both provocative and catchy.

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