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Meaning of ‘Overdue’ by ‘Metro Boomin’ feat. Travis Scott

Released: 2018 • Features: Travis Scott

“Overdue” by Metro Boomin featuring Travis Scott is a moody, atmospheric track that delves deep into the struggles of success, the pressures of being on top, and the personal toll it takes. It’s a reflection on fame, the relentless grind, and the quest for peace amidst chaos. The hook, invoking “Oh Anthonio,” sets a haunting, introspective tone, suggesting a call to a possibly fictional character (or a metaphorical figure) representing someone lost in their journey or themselves.

The lyrics kick off with Travis painting a vivid picture of a lifestyle that’s both glamorous and exhausting. “Overtime and overdue” signifies the relentless work ethic and the stress of constantly needing to prove oneself. The absence of sleep being “old news” reinforces the idea that sacrificing rest and personal time is a norm in the pursuit of success. Being “outside with the crew” and making moves throughout the night reflects the non-stop nature of their hustle, always on the move, seeking the next big score or achievement. The mention of catching up on news in the morning and the sound of a car zooming off paint a vivid picture of fleeting moments of calm before diving back into the fray.

The chorus, reprised multiple times, questions whether “Anthonio” ever wonders about Travis’s current state or if he feels any shame or remorse. This could symbolize the internal and external judgments and expectations placed upon him, questioning whether the sacrifices and changes are acknowledged or if they’re all for nothing.

Travis’s admission of overusing himself and overdoing his nights speaks to the excesses that come with fame. The lines “Hit the lights and hit a right / Took everything, ain’t nothing left” can be seen as conquering every possible challenge and indulgence to the point of emptiness. Advising to “count your blessings, count your steps” serves as a moment of reflection amidst the chaos, a reminder to stay grounded. The imagery of being cold under the flesh and engaging in a week-long binge paints a picture of numbing oneself to cope with the pressures and the high-speed lifestyle. The mention of drugs as “old news” emphasizes the normalization of substance abuse in dealing with these pressures.

The verse transitions to shoutouts, mentioning Lil Harold and Nudy, indicating loyalty and the importance of his circle. The “Glock on tip” and Chevy references underscore readiness for conflict and the importance of staying protected and mobile. The acknowledgment of the clique and the relentless pursuit of money (“chasing after paper”) underscores the tunnel vision focus on success and wealth. Consumption of lean (“sippin’ plenty”) and being constantly active (“We been outside, going in”) reiterate the themes of excess and non-stop hustle.

In “Overdue,” Travis Scott and Metro Boomin capture the essence of grappling with the spoils and spoils of fame. While the surface may glitter with success, the undertones of exhaustion, excess, and a quest for meaning resonate throughout the track, offering a stark glimpse into the underbelly of the high life.

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