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Meaning of ‘Space Cadet’ by ‘Metro Boomin’ feat. Gunna

Released: 2018

Features: Gunna

“Space Cadet” is a silky tune by Metro Boomin featuring the drippy flow of Gunna, where they fuse trap beats with spaced-out luxury. The track is all about escapism and opulence, with a vibe that’s both hypnotic and boastful, taking you on a flight through their lavish lifestyles and success.

The hook dives straight into the cosmic theme with “Bought a spaceship, now I’m a space cadet,” showcasing how Gunna’s come-up has him feeling out of this world. His “big white mansion” is a far cry from humble beginnings – it’s his new universe, a playground for the rich. When he talks about aiming “a lot of sticks like it’s laser tag,” that’s slang for flexing firearms, but it’s playfully juxtaposed against a childhood game. “Fuck a rich bitch, havin’ rich sex” comes off as a braggadocious nod to enjoying the finer things in life even down to intimate moments.

Gunna doesn’t shy away from his love for the green – “smoke a lot of trees, need a weed plant” or his addiction to “codeine, where the lean at?” These lines paint a picture of the vice-laden lifestyle that often accompanies stardom. The luxury continues with “Rick Owen jeans, cost a cool rack,” emphasizing high fashion equals high cost, and “Got the VVs with a Vlone jean jacket,” referencing very visibly clear diamonds on his Vlone, a streetwear brand worn by those in the know. Gunna’s come a long way from “sleepin’ on the mattress,” and now he’s drenched in success – bullets from the past replaced by a rain of riches.

The second verse keeps the lush imagery flowing. “Chanel shoes overseas,” and “Shop in Tokyo, Japan,” remind us that his hustle has global reach. And when he mentions his threads “from Philipp Plein feel like velcro,” he’s saying they’re top-tier, effortlessly sticking to him like success. Gunna isn’t just flexing his material wealth; he’s also sharing the wealth, making sure his brother, “Gunna get a payroll.” Through all of this, the music is his driving force, the engine of his Lambo that’s ever-present – he’s a “space cadet” in a sonic Lamborghini, zooming past any earthly concerns.

It all culminates in the intoxicating repetitions of the hook, an affirmation of transformation from past struggles to a present drenched in the trappings of fortune and fame. The spaced-out beat mixed with these luxurious lyrical themes creates this feeling of untouchable elevation, a vibe where Gunna and his crew ride their own wave – the “Boominati wave” – a nod to producer Metro Boomin’s signature style and an allusion to being in a league of their own, sovereigns of a new planetary system in hip-hop’s universe.

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