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Meaning of ‘PERRO NEGRO’ by ‘Bad Bunny’ feat. Feid

Released: 2023

“PERRO NEGRO” by Bad Bunny featuring Feid explores the excitement and hedonism of nightlife, filled with dancing, substances, and a no-nonsense attitude. Bad Bunny and Feid celebrate breaking free from past relationships and relish in the moment, encouraging their partners to let loose and enjoy life.

The track kicks off with a playful hook: “Al menos dame un perreíto, mor,” meaning at least give me a dance, girl. It sets the stage for a night of wild fun, anchoring the song’s carefree spirit.

As the verse unfolds, Bad Bunny admits he didn’t understand his love interest at first but now finds her more appealing: “Wow, yo no sabía que tú era’ así / Te juro que ahora me cae’ mejor.” He observes that actions speak louder than words: “Es de hacer, no es de hablar.”

Here, they’re living in the moment with *pasto y tequi* (weed and tequila) to enhance the vibe. “Salió de roce al Poblao” mentions a popular nightlife spot in Medellín, emphasizing the wild atmosphere of the night. Bad Bunny calls out that she’s living freely now, and if she hasn’t tried him, tonight’s the night: “Hoy es el día, por si no me has probao.”

Bad Bunny laughs about her recent breakup: “Vi que te dejaste de tu novio, baby, me alegro / Vamo’ a celebrarlo en Perro Negro,” suggesting to celebrate at Perro Negro, a lively dance spot. He urges her to forget her ex and let loose.

In a sexually charged verse, Bad Bunny flexes his attraction: “Mami, tiene’ el party prendío… Menéame la’ chapa’ hasta que me rinda.” He elevates the intensity, celebrating freedom and desire. The humorous line “Un hijo en la disco, vo’a dejarte encinta” exaggerates the passion of the night.

The bridge takes a playful turn: “No me importa cuál es la hora ni cuál es tu signo,” meaning time and star signs don’t matter when they click. Bad Bunny’s confident that dancing with him is unique and more thrilling: “Baby, perrear con otro y conmigo no es lo mismo.”

Feid’s verse complements the scene—a girl who’s now everywhere after feeling lost: “Taba perdida y ahora anda en to’ lao’,” affirming the night’s spontaneous energy. He praises her bronzed look and their liberated state, stressing that tonight’s experience is exclusive and shouldn’t be posted online: “Lo de hoy no lo tiene’ que postear.”

Feid continues, admiring her captivating presence: “Tiene un culo chimba y cara mejor / Negro el bolso, negro los Halls.” He highlights her erupting joy, exclaiming how she thrives in the night until dawn: “Sale de noche y llega de día.”

In its entirety, “PERRO NEGRO” embodies a high-energy celebration of freedom, attraction, and living in the moment, with Bad Bunny and Feid basking in an uninhibited night of passion and release.

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