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Meaning of ‘Please Me’ by ‘Cardi B’ feat. Bruno Mars

Released: 2019 • Features: Bruno Mars

“Please Me” is a sultry banger by Cardi B and Bruno Mars that combines elements of R&B and hip-hop to perfectly encapsulate the push-and-pull of sexual tension. The song bristles with seduction, showcasing a mutual yearning for sexual satisfaction between two partners. From explicit requests to vivid imagery, the lyrics depict a dance of desire, both figuratively and literally.

The chorus, echoed both by Mars and Cardi B, is an explicit invitation for seduction. “Please me, baby/Turn around and just tease me, baby/You know what I want and what I need, baby” – these lines underscore the theme of sexual longing and mutual pleasure that runs through the song.

In Cardi B’s verse, she drops some references that the average listener may miss. “Lollipoppin’ (poppin’), twerkin’ in some J’s (ooh)” is about enjoying herself on the dance floor, with “J’s” referring to Air Jordans, a popular sneaker in hip-hop culture. “Don’t want no young dumb shit/Better fuck me like we listenin’ to Jodeci” makes a nod to the iconic 90s R&B group known for their sexual and romantic ballads, suggesting the type of slow, sensual tempo she desires.

Cardi continues to ride the line between seductive and assertive, with lines like “If you can’t sweat the weave out, you shouldn’t even be out” and “Dinner reservations like the pussy, you gon’ eat out”. She’s firmly setting the terms of the encounter, emphasizing that she’s not just an object of desire but an active participant.

The line “Your pussy basura/My pussy horchata” warrants a bit of cultural context. ‘Basura’ is Spanish for ‘garbage’, while ‘horchata’ is a popular sweet, milky drink common in Latin cuisine. Here, Cardi B contrastingly compares her sexual game to other women, asserting her confidence and superiority.

When Cardi says “Do my back like I do these records, break that shit”, she’s simultaneously making a braggadocious reference to her successful music career and signaling an explicit sexual desire. Bruno Mars’ lines solidify this theme of shared pleasure and mutual desire, as he echoes the chorus and pleads for closer connection with his partner.

In sum, ‘Please Me’ is a masterclass in sexual confidence and assertiveness. It’s a track where both Cardi B and Bruno Mars unabashedly express their desires while also uplifting and empowering themselves and each other. It captures the essence of mutual pleasure—the cornerstone of any healthy sexual encounter.

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