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Meaning of the song ‘Like What (Freestyle)’ by ‘Cardi B’

Released: 2024

Cardi B’s “Like What (Freestyle)” is an unapologetic showcase of swagger, dominance, and self-assured flamboyance that only Cardi can deliver. This track is a lyrical flex, where Cardi reminds everyone why she sits comfortably atop the hip-hop hierarchy. Through clever wordplay, vivid imagery, and a relentless flow, she addresses her detractors, celebrates her success, and reinforces her position as an untouchable force in the game.

The track kicks off with Cardi asserting her intention to reignite the year with her unmistakable energy, questioning who her critics think they are challenging. From the jump, it’s clear: Cardi’s not here to play. She deals with her classiness with being a “cunt,” a declaration of her multifaceted persona—classy yet audacious, not shying away from confrontation. When she talks about “Blocks and money gettin’ spunt,” she’s referencing her days on the block and her ascent to wealth, spending without hesitation. “Like a Coach bag, baby, this ain’t what you want” serves as a warning—underestimating her is a mistake; she’s out of your league.

In the first verse, Cardi takes a dig at her adversaries, emphasizing how effortless her domination is—she hasn’t even started trying. The line “Any L that I took, come after YS” cleverly plays with the alphabet to assert that any loss she might have faced is minimal, almost nonexistent. Her mention of “Pussy real fat, probably got a double chin” is Cardi’s brash way of embodying confidence in her sexuality, unafraid of expressing it vividly.

Cardi B Like What (Freestyle)

She continues to taunt her competition, mocking how her haters seem to unite in their envy, yet are mere imitators of her style—”Moodboard, all y’all imitatin’ my style.” Cardi’s assertive tone continues as she flaunts her luxury lifestyle, mentioning dining at Nobu, a high-end sushi restaurant, and calling out those fixated on her every move, illustrating the extent of her influence and the obsession it breeds.

Cardi doesn’t hold back on flaunting her wardrobe and the attention she garners, even on someone else’s big day—highlighting the gravity of her presence. “Got your first pair of Ricks, now you stylin’?” she quips, throwing shade at latecomers to trends she’s long surpassed. This line underscores her role as a trendsetter, someone who’s ahead of the fashion curve, setting the bar high for both style and the rap game.

In one of the standout moments, Cardi addresses the effort it takes to maintain her level of success and appearance with lines like “Lookin’ this good is really exhaustin'”, wrapping her boast in humor. She uses a comparison to “Stone Cold Steve Austin” to emphasize the impact of her jewelry, bringing in a cultural reference to convey the striking appearance of her diamonds.

Cardi concludes by underscoring her independence and self-sufficiency, pointing out that she’s never lost anyone she truly needed and prioritizing her comfort and luxury with lines about refusing to enter unheated pools and having sex on yachts. The stark imagery of someone else’s “life so trash” hints at her competition’s envy, as they desire the men who chase after her. Each of these lines further cements Cardi’s narrative: she’s in a league of her own, both in success and in her personal life.

“Like What (Freestyle)” is more than a track; it’s a statement piece. It’s Cardi B’s way of securing her throne, dripping in confidence, luxury, and unfiltered realness. She navigates through the complexities of her public image, personal life, and industry status with the mastery of a seasoned artist. Cardi’s artistry shines through her ability to blend braggadocio with humor, proving once again why she remains a powerhouse in hip-hop.

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