Released: 2023

Features: Quavo

“REMIND ‘EM (feat. Quavo)” by Quavo and Busta Rhymes is an assertive and unapologetic anthem from two hip hop heavyweights. This track serves as a potent reminder of the struggle they endured to reach the top of the game and the no-fear attitude they maintain in protecting their earned status. The song is imbued with references to street life, their tough upbringing, and their now luxurious existence – it’s a braggadocious manifesto of survival and triumph against all odds.

The opening lines of the song, “Got it from scratch, out the mud” establishes their humble beginnings, a term heavily used in hip-hop to signify starting from nothing. The pair then transition to boasting about their riches, marked by the jewelry they wear as symbols of their success – “Lay out my chains on my neck, they awards”. This echoes a common theme in the hip-hop culture where artists often flaunt their wealth as proof of their prosperity.

When Busta chants, “Trappin’ and gamblin’, in streets, that’s a sport”, it allows a glimpse into the harsh reality of their past – depicting their challenges associated with drug dealing and illegal gambling, activities often considered competitive sports in the streets due to their high-risk, high-reward nature.

Busta Rhymes REMIND 'EM (feat. Quavo)

Quavo later lines, “Two choppers, call Huncho and Busta / Yeah, we be the shooters, we pop out and let loose” tie back in with their street credibility – ‘choppers’ can refer to both high-capacity firearms and to the artists themselves, becoming a clever play on words.

There’s a close attention to the paranoia of street life too, reflected in lines like, “Switchin’ lane, watchin’ law, can’t trust ’em”, illustrating an inherent distrust of law enforcement often felt in marginalized communities. It’s a critical commentary embedded within their defiant narrative.

However, the song isn’t just about their past struggles. It’s an audacious celebration of their present luxury and power as well, seen in verses like, “Iced out the chain, Huncho Crash Bandicoot”, a reference to their expensive jewellery and the influence they now hold. The Crash Bandicoot reference is a nod to the popular video game, likening their extravagant lifestyle and hustle to maneuver through the industry – just like the character in the game.

Ultimately, “REMIND ‘EM” serves as a stern reminder of Quavo and Busta Rhymes’ journey from their rough beginnings to their current dominance in the hip-hop scene. Their lyrics are imbued with equal parts braggadocio and retrospective perspective, a perfect blend of confidence and reflection which makes this track a potent anthem for hustlers everywhere.