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Meaning of ‘What’s It Gonna Be?!’ by ‘Busta Rhymes’ feat. Janet Jackson

Released: 1998

“What’s It Gonna Be?!” by Busta Rhymes featuring Janet Jackson hits the scene with a bang, combining the raw energy of Busta with the sultry smoothness of Janet. It’s a powerhouse track that talks all about the intense attraction and the vibe between two people, mixed up with a little bit of that playful, naughty mystery about what’s gonna happen next. It’s all about that chemistry and making things electric between them.

Busta kicks things off by setting the scene, laying down the vibe with Janet about how they’re living in the moment, real and unfiltered. When he talks about “crossing the borderline” and “making your body wind,” it’s all about breaking those boundaries and heating things up to the next level. The whole song is served on a platter of smooth beats and infectious rhythms, making it impossible not to move to.

The chorus is where the song really catches fire, with Busta and Janet going back-and-forth on making the body wet, screaming, and even dreaming – all metaphors for the intense physical and emotional experiences they’re bringing out in each other. They’re talking about an attraction so strong it’s got you thinking about “naughty things,” and it’s clear they’re not holding back on the seductive energy. When they ask, “What’s it gonna be?!” it really is a call to action, leaving listeners wondering about the endless possibilities of this fiery dynamic.

Busta’s unique style of rapid-fire delivery mixed with Janet’s smooth, teasing vocals creates this blend of hype and heat that’s hard to find anywhere else. They’re not just talking about a simple fling; it’s more about how they’re elevating the game, making waves on the dance floor, and leaving a mark that can’t be ignored. The repetitiveness of “gonna make your body wet/scream again/cream” is a clever way to drive the song’s theme home – they’re all about impact, both physical and emotional.

The outro, with its echoing “What’s it gonna be?!”, leaves the question hanging in the air, almost like a challenge. Busta and Janet don’t just deliver a song; they create an experience, wrapping up this track with a mix of anticipation and the unknown. It’s a celebration of connection, of that electric spark, all wrapped up in rhythms that you can’t help but move to. “What’s It Gonna Be?!” isn’t just a song; it’s an invitation to the dance floor, to the thrill of the moment, and to the magic that happens when Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson come together.

So, when you’re jamming to “What’s It Gonna Be?!” it’s all about letting loose, feeling the heat, and diving into the world Busta and Janet create with their dynamic blend of hip-hop and R&B. It’s smooth, it’s sexy, and it’s downright unmissable – a true celebration of the vibe and energy that only these two icons can bring.

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