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Meaning of ‘Sativa’ by ‘Jhené Aiko’ feat. Swae Lee

Released: 2017

Features: Swae Lee

“Sativa” by Jhené Aiko featuring Swae Lee is a hazy, seductive ode to the intoxicating highs of a budding romantic connection nurtured through carefree indulgence of life’s pleasures, be it through weed, drinks, or lavish expenditure. The song uses the metaphor of two distinct types of marijuana strains, ‘Sativa’ and ‘Indica’, to portray two different experiences or effects of love.

In the opening verses, Jhené describes a scene where there’s an effortless chemistry between her and her interest. The lines, “Why you make it so complicated?/ Off the drink, we concentratin'” suggest a level of casual connection and mutual understanding, facilitated by indulgence in alcohol. When they’re “Smokin’ weed out the container” it signifies the recklessness and freedom they enjoy together. The euphoria and pleasure derived from this shared experience is further emphasized in “There’s more where that came from, that’s all I’m sayin'”.

“Is it hot in here or is it just me? / I’m so high in here, been smokin’ on this weed”, shows Jhené expressing how consuming and intense the experience is. These lines convey the giddy dizziness and the emotional high she’s feeling, perhaps due to the intoxicating factor of weed, the attraction to her partner, or even the synergy of both.

The hook, “Get ready / Now we’re on / I said I’m ready”, manifests the readiness and willingness to dive deep into this connection, despite the unpredictability that it may bring. Also, the phrase, “Hold the phone” in the context of hip-hop often means to pause or hang on, indicating the need to slow down and savor the experience.

When Jhené says, “You came through with that sativa / Indica be havin’ me stuck / You know just how to keep me up”, she’s alluding to the different effects of Sativa and Indica strains of weed. Sativa strains are often associated with feelings of euphoria and energetic creativity, while Indica strains can lead to deep relaxation or couch-lock. It’s a metaphor for how this person invigorates and stimulates her, unlike others who might hold her back or bring her down.

In the ending lines, the repeated “Dive in that” could be a metaphor for Jhené wanting to fully submerge herself in this captivating connection and the enthralling experiences that come with it, just like getting immersed in the mind-altering state brought about by ‘Sativa’.

Overall, “Sativa” dishes out a languid, sensual vibe that mirrors the characteristic effects of the Sativa strain. It’s a sonic trip about being swept up in a whirlwind romance, laced with moments of self-indulgence and hedonistic pleasure. Jhené Aiko and Swae Lee do a bang-up job of capturing that cloudy-headed, lovesick high, making “Sativa” an alluring anthem for those love-infused, hazy nights.

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