YoungBoy Never Broke Again
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Meaning of ‘Scenes’ by ‘YoungBoy Never Broke Again’ feat. PnB Rock

Released: 2019

YoungBoy NBA and PnB Rock team up in “Scenes,” dropping a track that’s all about the high stakes and emotional turmoil of living in the fast lane. They blend tales of success, loyalty, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of wealth, while never losing sight of the cost it comes with. It’s a raw look at the complexities of their lifestyle, where love and luxury mingle with danger.

The song kicks off with YoungBoy talking about how buying someone a Rolex—the Rollie—doesn’t really hold much weight in his world; it’s almost casual, indicating how complex his relationships have become in the face of fame and fortune. This opening sets the tone, revealing a life saturated in wealth to the point where expensive gifts lose their significance. His declaration of being “sick and tired of this lifestyle” juxtaposes sharply with his unwillingness to give up the money and fame, highlighting the internal conflict many face when caught up in the pursuit of success.

The chorus digs deeper into this conflict, emphasizing the fierce loyalty and readiness to defend what’s theirs, even if it means putting their life on the line. The mention of not wanting to be played like a fool suggests a weary consciousness about trust and betrayal in their surroundings. It’s a nod to the “ride or die” mentality prevalent in the streets where respect and reputation are paramount, and how these values have seeped into their approach to life and success.

As the song progresses, YoungBoy and PnB Rock touch on the visceral side of their reality. The lines “Can’t get caught lacking, turn your head / You could lose your life” is a stark reminder of the ever-present danger in their environment. The importance of vigilance and the readiness to defend oneself at a moment’s notice speak volumes about the precariousness of their safety. This hard-hitting truth is mingled with expressions of heartbreak and disillusionment in relationships, further complicated by fame, as depicted in the lines about giving someone their love and trust only to be let down.

Ultimately, “Scenes” paints a vivid picture of navigating success and survival in a world where the lines between love, loyalty, luxury, and danger blur. Through its potent verses and catchy chorus, YoungBoy Never Broke Again and PnB Rock lay bare the emotional and physical toll of their lifestyle, offering listeners a peek behind the curtain of fame. It’s a heavy mix of braggadocio and vulnerability, wrapped in a hard-hitting beat that captures the essence of their truth.

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