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Meaning of the song ‘Make No Sense’ by ‘YoungBoy Never Broke Again’

Released: 2019

“Make No Sense” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a raw expression of the 21-year-old rapper’s life marked by success, struggle, and street credibility. The lyrics take us inside YoungBoy’s head as he navigates the paradoxical life of someone who has made it big financially, yet remains close to his roots in Baton Rouge’s rough neighborhoods.

The song kicks off with YoungBoy declaring “I feel like I’m Gucci Mane in 2006” – a line that contextualizes his current status in hip-hop. Gucci Mane is a respected figure known for his hustle, a trait YoungBoy identifies with. Interlacing this with the lyrics about diamonds on his neck worth ‘four bricks’ – a street term for kilograms of cocaine – he’s juxtaposing his wealth and success with the dangerous, high-stakes life he led on the streets.

The recurring phrase “make no sense” signifies the contradictions in his life. Despite making millions, he’s still “posted in the bricks”, another term for low-income, often crime-ridden neighborhoods. It doesn’t “make sense” by societal standards, but YoungBoy stays rooted in his turbulent past even while enjoying his newfound fortune. This theme of duality underscores much of his music.

Moving on, YoungBoy touches on paranoia and the lack of trust in his lyrics, showing the listener that success in the rap game doesn’t erase the threats of the street life. He’s not “alright”, and sees those close to him as potential enemies—probably hating or working against him. Again, this doesn’t ‘make sense’ but these are the realities of the life he leads – hence the phrase’s repetition throughout the song.

The term “slime” appears several times in the track, which is street slang for a close friend or family. However, the lines “I’ll slide for a slime” and “die today, bitch, they say four pussy niggas died ‘fore I died, slime” communicate not only deep loyalty but also a fatalistic outlook, suggesting that he’s ready to kill or even die for his friends.

Lastly, “4KTrey”, another recurring phrase in his songs, is a reference to his crew and label – Never Broke Again, associated with the number 4, while “KTrey” is a symbol of loyalty to his friend, NBA 3Three.

In essence, “Make No Sense” is a portrait of a young artist at the crossroads, caught between the allure of wealth and the pull of the streets, and straddling the line between a life of crime and a career as one of the most exciting young voices in hip-hop.

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