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Meaning of ‘Shutcho’ by ‘Doja Cat’

Released: 2024

“Shutcho” by Doja Cat is a bold attack on haters and those who run their mouths but don’t back it up with actions. This track is all about being confident, brushing off negativity, and celebrating one’s success without falling for unnecessary drama. Doja Cat’s lyrics are unapologetic and assertive, highlighting her self-assuredness and disdain for fake people.

The song kicks off with the lines “I’m not in love / So don’t forget it,” establishing that Doja is not invested in anyone else’s drama. This disinterest in others is echoed throughout the track as she declares she’s got “a lot of things to be happy ’bout” while focusing on running her checks up. She’s making money while others are merely talking, which she mocks by using the phrase “run they mouth” repeatedly.

In the hook, “Shutcho, shutcho goofy ass up,” Doja Cat tells her critics to quiet down. The repetition of “run it up” drives home her focus on success, reinforcing that talk is cheap. She’s essentially saying, “I’m progressing, what are you doing?”

The next verse digs deeper into the theme of useless chatter versus real action, “They say they want money / All they do is run they mouth.” Here, Doja criticizes the hypocrisy and laziness of those who talk big but don’t act. She cleverly notes the irony of getting hate on a Sunday, which many consider a holy or restful day, adding a layer of comedic disapproval.

In another part of the track, she uses vivid imagery to mock her detractors, “I’ma, I’ma, I’ma rich-body bitch, thick-body bitch.” This brash self-description along with phrases like “put-you-in-a-box body bitch” and “stop-calling-me-sis body bitch” showcases her confidence. She’s not hesitating to call out those who pretend to be her friends or supporters.

Ultimately, “Shutcho” serves as a powerful anthem for ignoring the noise and staying focused on personal success. Doja Cat’s fearless and charismatic delivery, paired with her unflinching lyrics, make this track a bold statement against the haters and a celebration of her own achievements.

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