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Meaning of ‘Sky Walker’ by ‘Miguel’ feat. Travis Scott

Released: 2017

Features: Travis Scott

“Sky Walker” by Miguel featuring Travis Scott is an anthem to living life to the fullest, unbothered by the haters and focused on positivity. The song encapsulates a carefree, seize-the-day mentality while nodding to hip hop culture, celebrity life, and the tension between indulgence and downfall.

Right from the jump, the repeated line “Quick to dead the bull like a matador” sets the tone. Here Miguel uses the metaphor of a matador taming a dangerous bull, equating the bull to negativity or problems that they swiftly put to rest. They’re all about positivity, unfazed by drama or hate, ready to put an end to any ‘bull’ that comes their way.

Lines like “Captain is still, catch a wave, roll up”, “I’m Luke Skywalkin’ on these haters” and “Celebrate every day like a birthday” give us a glimpse into the mind of our protagonists. Our ‘captain’ (possibly a reference to themselves at the vanguard of their music careers) is ‘still’, as in cool and composed, ready to ‘catch a wave’, a slang term for going with the flow or seizing an opportunity. Miguel also cleverly plays with the Star Wars reference, casting himself as Luke Skywalker, an average guy turned legendary hero, rising above negativity (the ‘haters’). The celebratory attitude and seizing the day vibe are brought home with the line about celebrating daily like it’s a birthday.

The line “I’m more bathed than a bathhouse” brings a touch of humor, cementing Miguel’s status as fully immersed in this lifestyle. He then throws a Top Gun reference, comparing himself to Tom Cruise’s audacious character. Similarly, Travis Scott sprinkles sports and popular culture references, from Michael Jordan’s infamous number 23 to playing with ice (jewelry).

Scott’s verse signals a shift, discussing the darker side of the lavish, hedonistic lifestyle. With lines like “I just popped two, I’ll be stayin’ up” and “Damn near OD’d (OD’d)”, he mentions drug use and how it can lead to dangerous consequences, giving listeners a glimpse into the potential pitfalls of fame and success in the hip-hop scene.

Returning to positivity with “Captain is still, catch a wave, roll us,” Miguel reaffirms resilience and determination. He’s “higher up than Canada,” indicating his elevated status and success. It’s a solid flex, but with a note of humility, acknowledging that it wasn’t always this way and the journey upward was a grind.

The outro is an intimate take on relationships within this high-octane life. It’s suggestive, flirty, and instilled with a playful spirit. Miguel advises to “put the work in ’til it works out,” counselling patience, perseverance, and a smart work ethic in all things, including love.

Ultimately, “Sky Walker” serves as a kind of manifesto, celebrating success while acknowledging the pitfalls, urging listeners to stay positive, work hard, and remain unfazed by negativity.

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