Released: 2022

Features: The Weeknd, 21 Savage

In “Creepin'” by Metro Boomin, featuring The Weeknd and 21 Savage, we’re diving deep into a narrative of betrayal and emotional conflict. This track spins the tale of a man grappling with suspicions of his partner’s infidelity, enveloped by a mix of denial and heartbreak. It’s that classic R&B and hip-hop crossover, lacing smooth melodies with hard truths.

The hook, crooned by The Weeknd, captures that internal struggle—choosing willful ignorance over the pain of confirmation. The Weeknd expresses a sense of dread, singing about rumors of his lover being seen with someone else, but he’s opting to keep his blinders on. He’s caught in this limbo where he’s pleading, “if you’re creeping, please don’t let it show.” The request ain’t just about keeping the affair hush; it’s also about shielding his own heart from breaking. He repeats the notion, “I don’t wanna know,” underlining the paradox of wanting the truth but knowing it’ll wreck him.

Sliding into 21 Savage’s verse, we shift from the sung vulnerabilities to a rap confessional. Savage lays out a transformation gone wrong—he upgraded her lifestyle, turning her from a “housewife to a sneaky link.” That’s moving from wifey status to someone on the low, a secret link just for those undercover meetups. He peppers in the high life, flexing with mentions of Eliante jewelers and Fashion Nova, highlighting the glow-up he facilitated. Despite the material gains, Savage is feeling the loneliness, a type of emotional betrayal that’s leaving him cold, even hinting at paranoia when he talks about “having nightmares of going through your phone.” That bar right there? It’s about as real as it gets when trust is out the window.

There’s a hard edge to this luxurious despair, punctuated with a “keep it on the low” refrain that’s almost a plea. It’s like they’re saying, ‘If you’re gonna hurt me, at least have the decency to keep it out of sight.’ The repeated line, “If you’re gonna do your thing, then don’t come back to me”—it’s this resignation to reality, but still asserting some boundaries. They’re drawing a line in the sand, even if they’re standing on quicksand emotionally.

“Creepin'” is a modern take on a timeless theme in R&B and hip-hop: the complexity of love, the pain of infidelity, and the survival instinct in the face of emotional adversity. It’s a track that hits right in the feels, with The Weeknd’s haunting vocals and 21 Savage’s raw storytelling painting a picture many can relate to—the battle between love and self-preservation in a world where loyalty is currency that’s all too often counterfeit.