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Meaning of ‘Still That Way’ by ‘Jay Rock’ feat. Bongo ByTheWay

Released: 2023 • Features: Bongo ByTheWay

“Still That Way” by “Jay Rock” featuring “Bongo ByTheWay” is an unapologetic anthem of credibility, resilience, and relentless grind. The lyrics highlight the grim reality of the streets and the continuous journey of the artist from struggle to success.

Beginning with a chorus that sets the tone, the track encapsulates both Jay Rock and Bongo ByTheWay’s experience of coming from a tough environment. “Came a long way” is a testament to their evolution as artists, but as they declare, it’s “still that way” — a nod to the inescapable realities of street life that underpin their identities. The repeated line “Niggas steal broad day” evokes a pervasive sense of danger and survival in a world where crime happens openly and impudently.

When Jay Rock refers to himself as “Eastside Johnny,” he’s repping his roots from the Eastside of Watts, Los Angeles. His claim of being “real John Gotti” paints him as a boss figure reminiscent of the infamous mob boss. Lines like “Blood on my hands, ain’t no dirt on my body” underscore his direct involvement in these street activities yet maintain his integrity. “Whip big body” signifies his success and progress from an impoverished background to a lifestyle of luxury and status.

Jay Rock’s lines “Top Dawg since Top Ramen, now it’s steak and lobster, where the shrimp at?” vividly illustrates his journey from scarcity to abundance, serving as a metaphor for his rise from humble beginnings to stardom in the hip-hop scene. He emphasizes this progression further with “Big strap (whoo), put a ribbon on it, get you gift-wrapped,” suggesting that his current power and status were hard-earned, not given.

In the second verse, Jay Rock continues this forceful narrative as he spits, “Bucket of ice on me, how should I chill? Scope in your mouth, nigga, watch how I kill,” delving deeper into his gritty background where standing his ground, showing off wealth (ice being slang for diamonds), and visualizing success is a way of life.

Lines like “The booty is fake, but she pop it, for real” reveal the superficialities and deception of life in the spotlight, reminding the listener that all that glitters isn’t gold. The contrast between the real (“run up if you feel that way”) and the artificial (“the booty is fake”) embodies Jay Rock’s unfiltered and authentic approach towards his art and life itself.

In summary, “Still That Way” captures Jay Rock’s journey through adversity and his refusal to shy away from the gritty reality of where he’s from while embodying his relentless spirit and authenticity. It’s a powerful representation of the struggles, the hustle, and the raw reality of life in the streets, and the unyielding drive to rise above it all. Through this track, Jay Rock firmly establishes he may have come a long way, but he’s still that Eastside Johnny at heart.

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