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Meaning of ‘Swervin’ by ‘BlocBoy JB’

Released: 2020

At its core, “Swervin'” by BlocBoy JB spins a tale of hustle, survival, and the gritty reality of street life, peppered with nods to the rapper’s personal growth and material gains. The song navigates through the journey from hustling on the streets to achieving a life of luxury, all while staying true to one’s roots and being cautious of the dangers and temptations that come with the territory.

BlocBoy JB kicks off with a play on iconic sneaker brands to symbolize his rise – “Weigh it up, no Reebok, used to wear Fila / But I earned my stripes like Adidas” – tying his growth to the sneaker culture that’s prolific in hip-hop. This line isn’t just about shoes; it’s about progress and earning respect. The reference to “Stickin’ to the green like I’m Peter” alludes to remaining focused on money, comparing himself to Peter Pan who never loses sight of Neverland, his treasure. When mentioning his Glock, BlocBoy emphasizes his readiness for any threats, asserting that he never lowers his guard (“de-cock”).

The chorus, with its repetition of “Serve / Servin’, servin’ / Swerve / Swervin’, swervin’,” doubles down on the theme of drug dealing and navigating the dangerous twists and turns of that lifestyle. Serving and swerving represent the dual aspects of his life: the act of selling drugs and dodging the consequences, be it law enforcement or rival threats. These lines encapsulate the constant motion and alertness required to survive and thrive in the streets.

In verses that follow, BlocBoy JB delves deeper into the ethics of money and street economy. He criticizes those who squander their earnings on superficial displays, instead advocating for reinvestment into the hustle to secure more substantial gains. This advice to “Buy a lil’ ounce, weigh it up in a bag” speaks to a cyclical pattern of re-upping and profit making that is common in the drug game. He warns against the misuse of money, urging listeners to understand the value of investment over wasteful spending.

The song progresses to darker visuals of violence and the consequences of street life. “Bitch I go coo-coo, connected like a Bluetooth” signals a descent into madness and deep connections in the street, ready to spill blood over territorial disputes. Phrases like “Bullets hit him, now he need a test tube / A scar like a permanent tattoo” depict the physical and lasting impact of violence. The mention of “permanent bamboo” (a metaphor for keeping a gun) emphasizes that protection and aggression are constant necessities.

Throughout “Swervin’,” BlocBoy JB weaves a narrative that’s all too familiar in hip-hop: the tension between the allure of fast money and the perilous edge on which one balances to maintain it. His references to sneakers, money, and Peter Pan, juxtaposed with the harsh realities of gun violence and drug dealing, craft a vivid picture of his life’s path from humble beginnings to his current sway, all while cautioning against the pitfalls that can ensnare one in the process.

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