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Meaning of ‘Taking A Walk’ by ‘Trippie Redd’

Released: 2018

“Taking a Walk” is a charged track by Trippie Redd, it depicts a struggle with life and death, using a flashy lifestyle as both a mask and a means of self-destruction. The song paints a clear picture of feeling misunderstood and targeted, veiled with symbolic language that speaks of expensive cars and jewelry.

The first verse is a stark opener: “Oh, so they think I wanna die, yeah / ‘Cause my doors are suicide, yeah.” Trippie Redd uses “suicide doors” – a term for the doors on expensive cars that open upwards – as a metaphor for the perceptions people have of him wanting to end his life.

Trippie Redd’s lyrics take a turn into self-aggrandizement with “Bet my coffin would be nice, yeah / Stud that bitch up with some ice, yeah.” This suggests an atheistic acceptance of death and a grim fascination with the idea of replacing emotional substance with shiny materialism.

The chorus where he repeats, “The coupe doors are suicide, oh” makes his stance even more clear, expressing his angst with his high-end lifestyle ironically pointing out its potentially self-destructive nature.

With the lyrics, “Said I hope you got my note…” he alludes to a suicide note as a metaphor for the message he is trying to get across in his music, especially how he feels betrayed and not trusted – “rule number 1 never trust no bitch”.

The line “Chicken noodle ass nigga, man, you boneless” is a creative insult implying someone is weak and lacking structure. The term “I keep my ratchet, boy, you pole-less” means he’s always armed, ready for anything whereas others are defenseless.

Last but not least, “Throwing bands tonight” adds another dimension to his lifestyle – splurging on expensive commodities and pleasures, again indicating the materialistic approach to mask deeper issues. It’s a way of living ‘loud’ in an attempt to drown out inner turmoil.

Overall, “Taking A Walk” is an agonizing yet bling-adorned take on the pitfalls of fame, wealth, and misunderstanding, offering a gritty look into the reality masked by the glamor of the music industry.

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