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Meaning of ‘Topanga’ by ‘Trippie Redd’

Released: 2018

Trippie Redd’s joint “Topanga” is a gritty street anthem with a spiritual awakening. The song blends braggadocio and warnings of danger, while simultaneously teasing a romantic getaway to the Californian city of Topanga. It’s a high energy track with a fusion of menace and spirituality.

The hook and verses revolve around the common gangsta rap themes, using the repetition of “you in danger” and the refrain of “toting bangers” – slang for carrying guns. Trippie Redd intermixes these standard elements with a more unique and contrasting line, “I might take that lil’ bitch to Topanga.”

Topanga can be interpreted as a form of refuge or escapism from the dangerous life he’s describing. It’s an affluent area situated within the Santa Monica Mountains, offering a serene escape away from the harsher realities of urban streets.

In the chorus, “Open my hands like Jesus and save ya,” Trippie introduces a religious undertone, creating an image of redemption and salvation. This could symbolize his role as a savior in the life of the girl he’s singing about, underlining the contrasting elements of danger and refuge existing simultaneously.

The line “Big 14, TR66,” reveals his affiliation with the Bloods street gang, where ’14’ represents ‘T’ and ‘R’, the initials for “Trippie Redd”, while ’66’ typically signifies ‘blood’.

The aggressive tone and confrontational lyrics hammers down the intimidation factor, as Trippie isn’t shy about the violence that can follow anyone in his path. “Bitch, I ain’t going for nothing,” he repeats, highlighting an uncompromising attitude towards life and street politics.

The song ends on the same hook it begins, reinforcing the narrative of danger and potential sanctity, of a street life intertwined with a longing for escape to places like Topanga, and the spiritual weight of savior-like figures. “Topanga” is thus a raw ballad that lays out Trippie Redd’s gangsta life within the spiritual realm.

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