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Meaning of ‘Tarot’ by ‘Bad Bunny’ feat. Jhayco

Released: 2022

“Tarot” by Bad Bunny, featuring Jhayco, dives deep into the dynamics of attraction and the game of pursuit in modern romance. The track melds slick beats with lyrical wordplay, painting a vivid picture of trying to win over someone who’s as elusive as they are desirable. It’s a dance of words, where admiration and the thrill of the chase are front and center.

The song kicks off with Bad Bunny eyeing someone from afar, describing the person as a myth wrapped in mystery—“Baby, tú ere’ un mito, ese culito e’un misterio”. He’s spellbound, ready to pray for a chance just to get a moment with this person. Here, Bunny uses clever metaphors to set the stage for his lyrical pursuit, likening the object of his affection to a piece of art in a disco-turned-museum. This isn’t just about physical attraction; it’s an appreciation of their whole being, an intrigue wrapped around the allure of the mysterious.

As the song progresses, the lyrics dive into the back-and-forth of flirtation. Bunny throws in lines about social media interactions, a modern nod to how digital spaces amplify desire—“Si subiste una story es pa que te lo comenten”. It’s a reflection on how online engagements fuel our curiosity and longing. The narrative then shifts to a more direct approach, with Bunny expressing his desire to spend the night together, a move from virtual admiration to real-life action. The use of phrases like “Baby, yo quiero darte la’ buena’ noche pa que te acueste'” showcases his confidence, yet he maintains a sense of respect and awe towards their presence.

The overarching theme of “Tarot” is the quest for connection amidst the complexities of modern love. Bad Bunny and Jhayco lay down a scenario that’s relatable: the blend of hope, desire, and the uncertainty of reciprocation. The song isn’t just a barrage of flirtatious lines; it’s an ode to the art of seduction, where the protagonist is both the admirer and the artist, trying to capture the essence of someone who seems just out of reach. Through metaphors of art, sunlight, and divine blessing, the lyricism elevates the subject of their affection, painting them as a masterpiece to be revered, not conquered.

Ultimately, “Tarot” captures the dance of desire, where each move is calculated yet full of genuine admiration. It’s a modern love letter set to rhythm, where Bad Bunny and Jhayco navigate the complexities of attraction with a blend of earnestness and swagger. The song is a testament to the fact that in the game of love, sometimes all you can do is hope for a bit of luck.

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