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Meaning of ‘The Fly who couldn’t Fly straight’ by ‘Westside Gunn’ feat. Tyler, The Creator

Released: 2021

Features: Tyler, The Creator

Aight, let’s talk “The Fly who couldn’t Fly straight” – a sonic masterpiece by “Westside Gunn” featuring “Tyler, The Creator”. This track ain’t your cotton-candy rap, it’s straight up hardcore, digging deep into the grim realities and hallucinatory transcendence of the stratosphere of success while the artist’s roots remain firmly grounded in the underbelly of their gritty past.

Breaking it down like a shotgun, let’s start with the first verse where Tyler kicks it in. “I got soul, niggas ain’t gon’ hide / Think you that big stepper, fuck around, get your ankles tied.” Here, Tyler asserts his staying power, saying that he’s got the depth and authenticity to endure, a jab at those who might try to front but will inevitably get tripped up. When he says he’s “from the depths of Hell where you can’t survive,” he’s talking about his challenging upbringing, a fiery crucible that has shaped him.

Mid-verse, Tyler, The Creator coyly references his own song “U Don’t Have to Call” with the line, “You ain’t gotta call me or hit my line, just (Brrr, hello?)”. The line playfully showcases Tyler’s newfound status and how he’s no longer the one needing to seek out connections.

As the verse shifts, there are stunning lyrical visuals like, “Bunny hop off me when the money stop and check the ring / See the blue moon like some runnin’ cops”. This duo line speaks volumes. First, the ‘bunny hop’ signifies fair-weather friends who bounce when things get tough. The ‘blue moon’ is a rare occurrence, signifying those rare, nearly mythical moments when law enforcement faces consequences. This combination creates an entity that hops on and off depending on circumstances, much like a ‘blue moon’ happening.

The verse continues with, “T with that Westside Gunn, you get ya’ momma pop.” Here, Tyler warns of the dangers of messing with the Griselda crew, it’s not just a threat to you, but to your whole family. Gunn and Tyler ain’t playin’ here; they’re real about their hustle and hardship, and they’ve got no patience for pretenders.

“I been on my own dick, fuck whatever they say / Icon, legend, master my perfection, he’s killin’ shit effortless” – they’re talking about self-love and self-belief here. Despite criticism and naysayers, they continue to evolve, grow and kill it in their game. The confidence is palpable and it’s a testament to their resilience and success.

Moving on to the hook, Tyler’s verse comes to a close as he leaves us with the chilling artistic portrayal of himself as an outside-the-box, fearless force in the rap game- “Or go get a map, go get lost nigga and find out, I’m out here”. And without a doubt, they are out here, leaving indelible footprints in the sands of hip-hop culture.

“The Fly who couldn’t Fly straight” ain’t just a song; it’s a testament to resilience, the grind, the hustle, and the payoff. It’s an anthem for every soul who refuses to go straight because the beauty lies in the journey, not in a destination.

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