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Meaning of ‘The Grinch’ by ‘Trippie Redd’

Released: 2019

Trippie Redd’s “The Grinch” is a hard-hitting allegory about his gritty past, his rise in the game, and loyalty to his crew. He weaves a narrative filled with high-end living, street culture, and a redefined perspective on brotherhood influenced by the unforgiving rules of the street life.

In the line, “Yeah, put my dick in your bitch spleen”, Redd is flexing his prowess and dominance over his rivals, a common theme in hip-hop. Similarly, “racks comin’ in evergreen” is his way of saying the money keeps pouring in, with “evergreen” symbolizing constant growth and flow. The term “double cup up with some lean” refers to his use of ‘Lean’ or ‘Purple Drank’, a recreational drug popular in the hip-hop community.

Lines like “Pussy nigga talkin’, we gon’ leave him in a ditch” and “I’ll kill my brother, pussy nigga, if he snitch” showcase his zero-tolerance approach towards disloyalty and being careless in the brutal street life. In the hip-hop world, loyalty is a big deal, and Redd is stating that he’s not afraid to take drastic actions, even against family.

The phrase, “Yeah, yeah, trapping out the motherfuckin’ Ritz” sees Redd boasting about how he’s moved from the streets to luxury, with ‘Ritz’ referring to the ritzy hotel chain indicating his newfound wealth. The ‘trap’ is a common slang in hip-hop, referring to a place where drugs are sold.

Lastly, with “Child of God, I’ll send your ass to heaven”, Redd displays a complex belief of seeking redemption and dealing with his enemies. It’s a brash assertion of his ability to take action but contrasts that with a nod to religious belief.

In conclusion, “The Grinch” is a raw, unabashed projection of Trippie Redd’s rise, highlighting the struggle, the hustle, and unwavering warrior mentalities while accentuating his superior lifestyle through metaphorical street language.</p

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