Released: 2018

Ok, let’s break down Logic’s high-octane single “44 More,” where the Maryland MC flexes his lyrical muscles to deliver a potent message about his work ethic, financial strategy, and overall mastery of the rap game. The song serves as a direct sequel to his previous track “44 Bars”, demonstrating his skills of longevity and evolution within the competitive industry of hip-hop.

The first couple of bars see Logic comparing his relentless grind to the Energizer bunny, known for its catchphrase “still going”. He’s constantly on his hustle, supplying the industry with hits just like Elijah provided the widow with food in biblical times, showcasing his intellectual dexterity. When he says he’s “smokin’ on indica,” this could mean two things. He’s either literally partaking of the Cannabis Indica strain, known for its calming effects, or more metaphorically, he’s staying calm and focused despite the pressures of the industry.

Logic addresses the familiar saying ‘Life is a bitch,’ but twists it, saying he’s about to surprise life, indicating his breakthrough in the industry and accomplishing feats others didn’t expect from him. He plays the role of an unsolicited life coach here, warning his listeners to be vigilant in life. He then talks about being against the grain, figuring it all out, taking risks, and being unapologetic about his cannabis usage.

Logic 44 More

His rapid-fire delivery further hammers home his determination and ambition, while reinforcing his reputation as one of the most technically proficient rappers in the game. His commitment to his craft is such that he equates it with his prescription — it’s his medication, his cure. He also addresses the adversity from ‘the feds’, a common figure of authority in street slang, showing his rebellious streak.

Logic’s chorus then expresses his disdain for flamboyance and superficiality. Despite making 20 million dollars, he doesn’t feel the need to show it off. Instead, he’s thinking about his children’s future and their education — an uncommon theme in rap, and a testament to Logic’s mature approach to fame and fortune.

In the second verse, he criticizes those who’d rather spend their money frivolously in the club and potentially neglect their children, leaving them to say that their parents wasted their fortune and couldn’t afford to send them to college. He takes a shot at his father, who neglected him and his mother for his music career. This perspective adds a personal context to his previous lines and underscores the importance of responsible parenting.

Logic then boasts about his impressive run of releasing albums, using it as proof of his work ethic and mastery. He illustrates his feeling of isolation and determination in the rap game, using his success to silence his critics and declare his dominance. His energetic and assertive delivery reflects his aggressive pursuit of his dreams, while demonstrating his undeniable talent.

In his single, he talks about his success as well. He has sold more albums than pop stars like Harry Styles and Katy Perry in the first week. His success is unexpected considering the difference in fan bases of pop and hip-hop music. Logic also cryptically mentions “blowing up like C-4,” making a word play on his explosive rise in popularity while referencing the powerful military grade explosive.

In the closing lines, Logic makes a basketball reference to signify his winning streak, likens himself to a champion like the NBA superstar Kevin Durant, and warns his haters that they can’t ignore him any longer. He ends the song by referencing the title itself, this track being a follow up to his previous song “44 Bars”, promising his listeners that he’s providing “44 More” to illustrate his continuous lyrical prowess and exhaustive effort within the rap game.

In conclusion, “44 More” is a tour de force — a testament to Logic’s superior craftsmanship, his unshakable work ethic, and his thoughtful approach to life and fame. Drawing on personal experiences and cultural references, he delivered a high-octane performance that underlines why he’s regarded as one of the most compelling voices in the hip-hop industry today.